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Welcome! This site is focused on eCS 2.1 and the journey taken as a typical user to get this OS working for what we want it to do.

There will also be posting of news that is relative (or semi) to eCS, reviews, and just general rants. Please enjoy, and if you have suggestions/comments/etc, then email me with the address at the bottom of the page. Thanks!

2011 eNews!
Articles/Posts this year: 269
Past news: 2010

12-17-11 – A – 269

I have been out of town a lot here again, but had some time this weekend to play with Firefox 8.01 and I do have to say it feels much more stable then version 6. I Tried the Acid test, and if you remember from my Firefox 4.01 review, On the Acid 3 Test it never got better then 28 and then brought up a weird Win 3.x error. The Acid 2 test would not even run, This time the results were much better:

Acid 1 Test – Perfect

Acid 2 Test - Perfect

Acid 3 Test - Perfect

It also seems that this version is more stable, no crashing like version 6 (at least for me). Great job Firefox team!

11-24-11 – A – 268

Wishing everyone a “magical” Thanksgiving!

Yep...this is a real picture, found it on Yahoo!

11-13-11 – B – 267

Os2 news is also reporting that Firefox version 8.0 beta 6, and Thunderbird version 8.0 beta 5 have been released and the final versions will be out soon. I'm hoping so since version 6 for me is giving me issues.

11-13-11 – A – 266

Os2 news is reporting that LibreOffice 3.4.4 was recently released for the "tier 1" platforms, with version 3.4.5 scheduled for February. After the news broke that legacy OS/2 code was removed, Mensys reported that there would be no OS/2 version, which is unfortunate. The OS/2 code is still present in Apache's OpenOffice, and there are plans to update to the latest version "fairly soon," perhaps even with some Java integration. Unfortunately, OpenOffice is largely irrelevant now, with everyone switching to LibreOffice, except for IBM (who is only interested in Lotus Symphony). Thanks to Philip Griffin-Allwood for pointing out that Apache is still trying to reach out to the community.

11-12-11 – B – 265

Went out with the wife for her Birthday and took her to Bonefish Grill, good food. But I had to report on an awesome beer I had!

Now before you go F-that...which I also thought since I'm not a fan of pumpkin. There is just a hint of the stuff. Trust me, get one, it's fantastic!

11-12-11 – A – 264

Every 12th of the month, take 30 minutes and make the eComStation Community stronger. This month, November, Your eComStation Calendar wants you to do:

What are you going to ask Santa for?

Do you want BlueTooth drivers for eCS? Maybe a new port of your favorite Windows app? How about fix a big that has been there since OS/2 3.0? Email me, I will compile them and post the requests to the BlueNexus home site and send them to Mensys. They need and want to know.

11-06-11 – A – 263

Suggestions for the 3-rd generation of eComStation is being asked asked at the ecomstation.ru site. If you have any good ideas of what should be in version 3.0 of eComStation, make it known!

11-05-11 – A – 262

eComStation Software Version Comparison list has been updated for November:

1. Adobe Reader has been updated to 10.1.1 (Win, Mac, Linux)
2. Firefox has been updated to 7.0.1 (Win, Mac, Linux)
3. Firefox has been updated to 6.0.2 (eComStation)
4. Thunderbird has been updated to 7.0.1 (Win, Mac, Linux)
5. Thunderbird has been updated to 6.0.2 (eComStation)
6. QT has been updated to 4.7.3 (eComStation)
7. MySQL has been updated to 5.5.17 (Win, Mac, Linux)
8. MySQL has been updated to 5.1.59 (eComStation)
9. Adobe Flash has been updated to (Win, Mac, Linux)
10. VirtualBox has been updated to 4.1.4 (Win, Mac, Linux)
11. Java has been updated to 7 (Update 1) (Win, Mac, Linux)
12. Apache has been updated to 2.2.21 (Win, Mac, Linux)
13. Apache has been updated to 2.2.21 (eComStation)
14. PHP has been updated to 5.3.8 (eComStation)

Doing so catch up as I missed last months Software Comparisons, while eCS seems to drop behind in Firefox, Thunderbird, and Flash (no big deal actually), eCS has caught up to the current versions of PHP and Apache. We should have a current version of Firefox and Thunderbird once version 8 is released. Adobe Flash and Java are now a full version ahead of us, while this is not a show stopper, it would be nice to know if anything is happening to change this.

10-18-11 – C – 261

So I'm in a hotel room in Athens, Ga. for work until Thursday night, while I love my job, the travel does get old at times. Sometimes though, I get to see some interesting stuff, such as today when I went to a chicken rendering plant.

If you have never been to one, it's very interesting from the efficiency point of view. Smell wise...not so much.

That's a lot of chickens!

10-18-11 – B – 260

I'm a little late with this news but SearchPlus version 2.03 has been released (10/11/2011). This tool does simultaneous multiple file searches, including in zip archives. Search criteria can include contents, file size, file date, attributes, and actions can include edit, open, delete, copy, move, execute. - http://www.os2.com/os2news

You can see my review of SeachPlus 2.00 here.

10-18-11 – A – 259

LibreOffice Coming To iOS, Android & The Web

We have all seen people asking if eCS will have a newer version of OpenOffice. As far as I know, Mensys is not talking. Not that were that far behind (eCS is version 3.2 - Windows is version 3.3). Anyways, there was an article at www.phoronix.com that tells us we might be able to use LibreOffice via our Firefox browser:

Michael Meeks has also been working on a "LibreOffice Online" prototype, which will allow the office suite to be used from HTML5 web-browsers. What's interesting is that this web-based version of OpenOffice is using the GTK+ 3.2 Broadway back-end, which allows the GTK interface to be rendered in the web-browser using the HTML5 Canvas and other new web standards. There's a WebM video for those interested.”

While this is some exciting work for this OpenOffice.org fork, the iOS/Android ports and web-based versions of LibreOffice won't be ready until late 2012 or early 2013. These details were also published to The Document Foundation blog.

To read more, click here.

10-12-11 – C – 258

Every 12th of the month, take 30 minutes and make the eComStation Community stronger. The October Calendar calls for:

Email a developer day!

You like your eCS software?!? I'm sure you do, and I'm sure whomever is writing that code would love to hear from you! Write them and tell them why you use their software and thank them!

Trust me on this guys, eCS developers LOVE to hear from users. Take 5 minutes and write an email about how you use their software.

10-12-11 – B– 257

So were not even out of the beta stages of Flash 10 and Adobe has announced version 11.

Epic's UE3 Runs Within Adobe's New Flash 11

Adobe first teased us with Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3 at the end of September, promising "console-quality" 2D and 3D games over the Internet to Google's Android, Apple's iOS, the BlackBerry Tablet OS, Mac OS, Windows, connected TVs and other platforms. Given that many popular Flash-based games are simplistic in nature, this seemed like a bold promise to make. If anything, it sounded as if Adobe planned to take on streaming services like Gaikai and OnLive.

"Full hardware-accelerated rendering for 2D and 3D graphics enable 1,000 times faster rendering performance over Flash Player 10 and AIR 2," Adobe said. "Developers are able to animate millions of objects with smooth 60 frames per second rendering and deliver console-quality games on Mac OS, Windows and connected televisions. A pre-release brings these same accelerated 2D and 3D capabilities to mobile platforms including Android, Apple iOS and BlackBerry Tablet OS. A production release for mobile platforms is expected in the near future."

Now both Flash Player 11 and Adobe Air 3 are available to download and install, and could possibly change the face of online gaming whether it's social or hardcore. Even more, Tuesday Epic Games announced that Unreal Engine 3 can run inside an Adobe Flash-based environment, allowing gamers to play titles like Unreal Tournament 3 within a web browser on low-end machines. Epic Games Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Technical Director Tim Sweeney today demonstrated this possibility during a keynote at Adobe MAX 2011, Adobe’s annual conference for developers, designers and business leaders.

"UE3 is constantly evolving, with new breakthroughs, technologies and optimizations for multiple platforms," Epic said in a press release. "Flash Player 11, with its hardware accelerated, programmable graphics pipeline, is now capable of running triple-A gaming content authored for high-end platforms using the industry’s latest tools and technologies."

You can find out more by clicking here


I'm not sure what everyone else thinks, but if eCS can keep up with standards like Flash, Firefox, and Java, in a few years I don't think we could possibly need anything.

Well, besides native eCS apps, but not matter what comes out, nothing beats native.

10-12-11 – A– 256

Another reason while I have been slow to get back is because I have REALLY been enjoying my HP Touchpad. For you that have never played with a tablet, you owe yourself the chance to, though honestly I'm not sure what one I would recommend since the Touchpad is pretty much dead.

Anyways, I guess I will have even more time writing here since I have to return it. I keep my Touchpad in a nice leather binder to protect it but somehow I found a crack in the case itself by the speaker.

It actually is on the front-facing part of the Touchpad so it actually moves around. I do have to give it to HP though, yesterday at almost 5pm, in 10 minutes they gave me a customer number saying they were sending me a box to ship it back. I got it today!

It will take around 7 days but that is fine, since I will be in the field next week I will not miss it much. I mean...I still have my Nook.

10-11-11 – A– 255

Yawn...man...where the hell have I been? Oh ya...that's right...working. Sorry guys, it's been a hell of a few weeks. I was gone for three of them, in Georgia, Texas, and Vegas. I would of left a message but by the time I got done with work the last thing I wanted to do was get on a computer again.

The week should be normal, next week I am in Georgia again, after that it should settle down for awhile. Sorry also for everyone that sent me emails, you should be getting responses in the mail tonight.

09-22-11 – B– 254

While I'm not surprised, yet I am still not happy about it. Demetrioussharpe, the “author” of the GL/2 project, posted in the OS/2 World Forms yesterday saying he has stopped development:

This was copied from his post on (09-21-11 – Reply #199)

Hello all,

It's been a long time since I've said anything & I feel that it's been quite long enough. There's no good way to say this, so I'll just say it. I'm getting a bit tired of certain aspects of GL/2. Working solo slows things down a bit & is wearing on me. There's only so much that one guy can do. Also, I see how many of the OS/2 community can be resistant to change. On top of all of this, the fact of the matter is that everyone is constrained by the limitations of the horribly aged OS/2 kernel. With that in mind, the following changes will be implemented:

1). I'm scrapping everything in GL/2 except the PGL layer.

2). I'm going to look at how the Mesa3d guys were able to get it to build under VisualStudio & apply that method to getting the same to work for OpenWatcom.

3). I'm going to write my AGP drivers to the specifications expected by the SNAP driver framework.

4). I'm going to dig through the source code to the WarpMesaGL port & try to understand how the author was able to tie Mesa3d to the GRADD API & try to do the same while attempting to shoe-horn Gallium3d into it all.

5). I'm going to graft my PGL layer on top of the SNAP mgl system (yes, I have the SNAP sdk/ddk).

6). I'm going to replace Mesa3d 4.1 that in the SNAP 3d ddk with a more modern version that used Gallium3d.

All of this should amount to a pretty modern & robust 3d stack that's achievable in a much shorter time-span than the roadmap that I was originally working towards. Couple that with the fact that Mensys now has the source to SNAP for OS/2 & you end up with a situation where everything ties into each other, because SNAP will be automatically included in eCS when they finish doing whatever they're going to do for integration purposes. It is very likely that I won't do much more in this area for this community after this work is complete. There's simply too few OS/2 developers & I really don't see a real reason to move to another big project without a real developer support system.

Just wanted to let everyone know what's going on & that I'm still at work. As time permits, I'll update the docs in the repo to reflect the changes.”


Let's just say I am glad I put my bets on Mensys getting the SNAP code over GL/2. So while I know SNAP does not do GL, it's a start and it's real. I do wish Demetrioussharpe the best of luck and hope he completes his goals, it would only help the eCS community, I'm just not going to hold my breath waiting for it.

09-22-11 – A– 253

Pandora (www.pandora.com) has a new website made in HTML 5, I was excited to hear this came live yesterday since I use it on every device that I have connected to the Internet, but I have not been able to get it running in eCS. I have Firefox 6.0 running with no issues, and I have been able to run many specific HTML 5 sites. Anyone else have better luck?

You can learn more about what Pandora's new site at their blog here.

09-18-11 – A– 252

eCo Market's Eugene Gorbunoff emailed me to give me some additional news on eCo Market after I posted my review. I have also added his comments to the review itself (section 6)

1) Plans for future:
* eCenter widget aimed to notify users about updates
* Description of applications
* Search in the catalog

2) Messages for users:

* users can send suggestions what apps to include to the catalog
* the developers can add their apps to the catalog
* users can translate descriptions of apps to other languages

3) Importance of eCo Market:

If you have not read the review yet, click here to do so!

09-15-11 – A– 251

New Review is up: eCo Market

In today's world with Apple and Droid, the walled garden seems to be growing to every corner of the Internet. I never see eComStation going down that path, but it would be nice if we did have our own Marketplace so new and old users can find “must-have” eCS programs that are easy to find and install.

Enter eCo Market.

eCo Market is a gateway for 3rd party applications to be delivered, that are both free and for purchase. Does it have what it takes, so that eCS users will make it their top choice of selecting software? At the rate their going, I can see it. Click here to read the review!

09-12-11 – A– 250

Every 12th of the month, take 30 minutes and make the eComStation Community stronger. The September Calendar calls for:

Wikipedia Blitz!
30 Minutes checking Wikipedia and if you see a place eCS (OS/2) is missing or needs more info, fill it out.

Spreed the love, show the unknowing masses what they are missing!

09-10-11 – B – 249

Mensys, update your eComStation Newsletter =)


09-10-11 – A – 248

Again, work has been insane, 14 hour days. I got a promotion in the company so, of course, the work load has increased. It's not helping that eCS news has been nearly nonexistent this week.

09-05-11 – B – 247

eComStation Software Version Comparison list has been updated for September:

1. FireFox has been updated to 6.0.1 (Win, Mac, Linux)
2. FireFox has been updated to 6.0.0 (eCS)
3. Thunderbird has been updated to 6.0.1 (Win, Mac, Linux)
4. Thunderbird has been updated to 6.0.0 (eCS)
5. OpenGL has been updated to 4.2 (Win, Mac, Linux)
6. QT has been updated to 4.7.4 (Win, Mac, Linux)
7. VirtualBox has been updated to 4.1.2 (Win, Mac, Linux) (Sigh...)
8. QuickTime has been updated to 7.7 (Win, Mac)
9. Apache has been updated to 2.2.20 (Win, Mac, Linux)
10. Apache has been updated to 2.2.20 (eCS)
11. PHP has been updated to 5.3.8 (Win, Mac, Linux)

Many updates to the Comparison list this month with three eCS upgrades! If you know a program that should be on the site, email me, just remember that I am looking for important cross platform applications. The list is to show new users that eCS has all the important programs like their current OS.

09-05-11 – A – 246

Some nice programs were updated this last week, OS/2 Warp - News and Rumors always finds them, some of the updates I find interesting are PMMail/2, eCo Market, and CUPS. To see more, click here.

09-03-11 – A – 245

When I got my HP Touchpad, I found out that I get a free 50GB of “cloud” memory for whatever on www.box.net, for forever. I know I have talked about how dropbox works fine in eCS on my Firefox Review, but in case you did not know about this service, it works perfectly also in eCS. If you don't have a Touchpad, then you get 5GB free. Not bad.

09-01-11 – A – 244

Been a hectic week for me work wise, always is in the summer months. I am half way done with my next review and lets just say I am going overboard on my writing. It should hit on the 15th. Until then, enjoy this website:


08-27-11 – A – 243

Still playing around with eCS, I reinstalled VirtualBox 1.6.1 onto my computer and tried installing Haiku again, this time though I tried alpha 3. It's been awhile since I tried this and from what I have read there has been many fixes and upgrades to the Haiku OS so after waiting for a 250MB ISO download, I got it installed on my D: Drive.

For those of you who don't know what Haiku is, it is the spiritual successor of the BeOS. I have version 4 and 5 of the BeOS on CD but I never really did anything with it...not much to do with it really, seems to have less apps then the WebOS (Ouch).

Anyways, it's an interesting OS that I wish eCS would take some of the design pointers.

There were no issues the entire time I played with it but there is not much to do since the apps are limited. Networking and Sound did not work, everything else did. I look forward to the Haiku OS moving from Alpha to Beta, but who knows when that will happen.

Probably the same time eCS gets VirtualBox 4.x.x

08-25-11 – A – 242

Not sure what I did to my eCS install but it is freezing right after it boots up to the desktop. I'm sure it's something I did. Since I am kinda board, and have a few beers in me...I naturally thought it would be interesting to see about installing eCS 2.1 again without Firefox or Thunderbird and install them after the fact with version 6.0 of each.

I had both Firefox and Thunderbird unzipped on my D Drive, so once eCS was installed all I needed to do was double click on the Firefox icon and it worked...nice! So I just made a shadow of the Firefox.exe and put it on the desktop. Easy...and no old Firefox 4.01 files (did I just write that) left around. And as a bonus, Firefox 6.0 just feels “snappier” than 4.01 from the limited time I have played with it.

Thunderbird 6.0 worked the same way, no issues.

08-22-11 – C – 241

Building a case for eCS 2.1 on the ashes of the WebOS (and HP Touchpad)

The Touchpad firestorm sale that HP has started has also caused an unseen consequence on their software sales. From reading the posts at PreCentral, there is more traffic on their site and software then ever before. In the article: “The accidental userbase”, software developers are seeing as much as 70% more sales!

But lets look at this for a second, we all know these sales are because the Touchpad is $100.00 right now (16BG model), instead of $499.00 where it first started. You cannot find one really, if there is a store that has one, they will be gone in ten minutes. This is telling me people wanted the Touchpad but the price point was too high.

But what will happen in two weeks after all the Touchpads are gone and all the new users have had their full of apps? No one knows actually, but what happens if in two months people are still buying programs? Does this mean there is a base of active users that are growing the WebOS environment? I believe it does.

This got me thinking then, what would happen if Mensys sold eCS for $25.00 a copy? If anyone of you read OSNews days after eCS 2.0 was announced, many, many people were interested in buying the OS, but not for $127.00. I can't blame them actually, I look at it this way, I like the Haiku OS but I would never buy it for $127.00, actually not for $50.00. Not because I am not interested, but the value is hard to justify if you are going to use it as a hobby OS. Now for $25.00, that makes me pause for a few minutes and possibly buy it, this is because anything at $25.00 or lower can be considered an impulse buy with no or almost no buyers remorse.

What if though, Mensys, tried this out, possibly making a version 2.5 of eCS and testing out the waters with $25.00 per copy, and you only get one copy, not 5 copies like now?

So the math would be that every five people would equal one sale. Normally, you don't want this, if you can sell one product of $127.00 and deal with one person, you surely want to do this over $25.00 for five people and have to deal with five...well people. But with eCS this is different, because we are trying to grow the user-base, because this will be the only way our community can survive in the long run.

And what if it works? Let's say it grows the eCS user base by a factor of five. This would be huge and possible unrealistic, but if it did, then new people are using, buying, programming, and telling others. Even Mensys can slowly bring the up afterwords (version 3.0) after “hooking” all these people with new updates they don't want to be without. Things can start moving, programmers can make money, eCS can get more software, the circle is renewed.

It's just a thought, since I see this with the WebOS right now. What are your thoughts? I have posted this small article in the Yahoo! Groups form, I would love to hear from you all!

08-22-11 – B – 240

If you remember my post (226), my mom bought a HP Touchpad (16GB), I also found out my Aunt also got one the next day. Well, the second that HP announced that they were killing the Touchpad my mother decided she wanted to return it, since she bought it directly from HP, they were going to have FedEx pick it up on Monday. Luckly, I found out yesterday and I was able to call HP and get their (My Mom and Aunt) CC credited for the difference but leave out $100.00 for each. So this means I spent only $200.00 for two 16GB models! I did spend around $120.00 more on the charging stand and the cover for my wife but it was well worth it!

Hell, even if she uses it for a Kindle reader it's cheaper then buying an actual Kindle!

08-22-11 – A – 239

Firefox 6.0 and Thunderbird 6.0 are officially out for eCS!

OS2bbs.com reported on this yesterday: There are some important notes in the readme file concerning Java, printing, profile compatibility, and crash reporting, so be sure to read through it. Highlights include DIVE support for accelerated drawing, full-featured native printing, Exceptq can be used to log crash details, major improvements to SQLite, plus most of the features available on other platforms, such as WebM video playback for sites like YouTube. WebGL is one feature that is missing, due to lack of hardware support. Plugin crash protection (IPC support) is also not yet ported to OS/2. SeaMonkey is a continuation of the Mozilla Suite, while Firefox and Thunderbird are a stand-alone browser and mail/news client, based on Mozilla code. See my Warpzilla Tips page for more information. Note that there is a new (minor) focus bug in this release, and there may be refreshed builds available in a few days to correct it.

You can download Firefox 6.0 and Thunderbird 6.0 from Warpzilla Tips page and more.

I am excited to get Firefox 6 on my computer, I will report on it in a few days.

08-21-11 – A – 238

One thing I forgot to add yesterday was that I got my Intel EXPI9301CT Desktop Adapter Gigabit CT 10/100/1000Mbps PCI-Express late this week. Since I was out of town I have not really been able to play with it until today.

I did install it this morning though and I could not get eCS to find it, though I really think it was something I did. Anyways, I was thinking of formatting my hard drive anyways, so I did. eCS 2.1 found the card with no problem though during the installation and I am happy to say I am surfing the internet for way more than 2 minutes, infact, there have been no issues since I have installed the new network card!

I think I am back in business!

08-20-11 – D – 237

The saddest thing I have to report while I was gone was that HP has all but killed the WebOS and it's Touchpad. The way that HP did this made IBM with OS/2 look like they were organized and they cared how OS/2 fell (and we know how that really went). Anyways, one of the places I normally Troll is the PreCentral website that is all about the WebOS and HP. As you can imagine, it's pure chaos over there.

One of the website managers, Derek Kessler, wrote an amazing article about his thoughts and I 100% agree. You can read the well written article here.

I think any OS/2 user can sympathize on how those guys feel. Hell, I was super excited about getting a Touchpad and both my Mom and Aunt got one.

HP really screwed the pooch on this one.

08-20-11 – C – 236

Firefox 6.0 and Thunderbird 6.0 were released for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is in beta now for eCS and should be out soon. There is not a lot there that is different from 5.0 but for us that are using eCS, 4.0 to 6.0 should show slightly more “bang”.

Personally, I don't think we should waste our time with every update and should just work towards every even Firefox and Thunderbird build. This will do two things for the people that program those apps for eCS:

1. Reduce burn out for the people that are programming, the two months per version is just silly.
2. Give users more value when they upgrade. Honestly, I would not waste my time upgrading top each version simply because I am too lazy and see no major value in updating something that is working with one that has such little changes.

08-20-11 – B – 235

The first big news was that Google Buys Motorola for 12.5 Billion dollars. I know they did it primarily for the patents. What I find interesting is that now Google has the ability to fight Apple the same way Apple's business runs: owning everything from the OS to the hardware to the Marketplace. What will also be interesting to me is what all the other phone makers that use the Google OS do?

08-20-11 – A – 234

I'm back from my business trip in Georgia. Met a bunch of new people that I will be working with on commercial and industrial contracts...I'm excited!

It was a busy week though, and because of that I ran out of time to post anything, which drove me crazy just because there was some monster news out there computer wise, if not eCS specifically. So I am going to play catchup even though I'm sure most of you know what I will be talking about already.

08-16-11 – A – 233

NetDrive for OS/2 version 3.1.4 released (August 6th 2011)

Not much new in this version:

1. CHG New contact e-Mail
2. FIX Creation of empty files on FTP resources

NetDrive Mounts almost any FTP server as a regular directory. You can use your favorite file manager to browse content on an ftp server and download files to your local disk. You can learn more here.

08-15-11 – B – 232

Did I just schooled?

Frajo from the eCS Yahoo! Groups site just has some interesting data on my newest review (BioGraph). Here is what he had to say:

Hi Craig, hi all,

Sorry to contradict, but biorhythms are not based on "western scientific theory". Since it's not falsifiable, it's not a scientific theory but mere pseudoscience. Its predictive power equals raw chance only. (Wikipedia "Biorhythm".)



So there you have it, now you can say you learned something today! I am on a business trip this week so all I can really do is post to the home page, but when I get back, I will post this in the additional notes of the BioGraph review. Thanks frajo!

08-15-11 – A – 231

BioGraph version 1.3 is now free to use so I thought it would be fun to do a review on an application that was not really an application nor a game. BioGraph version 1.3 is based on the western scientific theory of biorhythms, and contains additional features based upon oriental philosophy. Knowing your biorhythms, you can be sure about what to expect from each day in order to succeed at sports, dating, business, negotiations, exams, or job interviews. It works like a magic mirror, helping you to know the full potential of your capabilities, and prevent rash decisions during critical days.

So this is a review of BioGraph version 1.3 and what I think of the program itself and what I think about Biorhythms. Enjoy!

08-14-11 – A – 230

I'm pretty much over it with my network card and eCS, I have three different ones (all PCI) and none of them work. I really could not find the answer I needed via the web so I posted in the eCS Yahoo! Groups yesterday and I was amazed on the suggestions. I posted that I wanted a new network card that was PCI-e card since that is what all the ports are going to now-a-days but there are not many out there. Between Dave McKenna and Neil Waldhauer I decided to get:

Intel PRO/1000 PT Desktop Gigabit Adapter (EXPI9301CT) – 10/100/1000Mbps card.

It was suggested I get it from http://www.globalcomputer.com but I feel more comfortable getting it from www.newegg.com just because I am used to buying from them (even though it's $2.00 more bucks). I have already ordered the card and will post what happens.

Thanks again for everyone's comments and hopefully this will go down easily.

08-12-11 – A – 229

Every 12th of the month, take 30 minutes and make the eComStation Community stronger. The August Calendar calls for:

Join the eCS Community!
So you read my site and a few others, cruse silently though the newsgroups, and when you log into IRC you type nothing? This month I want you to get out of your shell and join Yahoo! Groups or www.os2world.com forums and have a voice!

If you like eCS, then talk about it, if eCS is pissing you off, then talk about it, if your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, I don't want to know.

08-11-11 – B – 228

OpenGL 4.2 Released (Not for eCS though)

The new version integrates shaders with atomic counters as well as load, store and atomic read-modify-write operations to a single level of a texture. Additionally, there is support for GPU-tessellated geometry, the modification of an arbitrary subset of a compressed texture without having to re-download the whole texture to the GPU for significant performance improvements, and the ability to pack multiple 8 and 16 bit values into a single 32-bit value for efficient shader processing.

OpenGL 4.2 has integrated feedback from developers that are shipping significant OpenGL-based applications and games, making for a faster, more capable API which will continue to evolve to meet market needs,” said Barthold Lichtenbelt, working group chair of the OpenGL ARB and director of Tegra graphics at Nvidia.

Both AMD and Nvidia said that their products will support OpenGL 4.2 in the immediate future.


Open GL is currently being ported to eCS, you can see it's progress here. Hopefully we will see something soon and it will be the same version Windows users have.

08-11-11 – A – 227

USB 3.0 could soon drive monitors, hard drives with 100W of power.

The next USB 3.0 specification will provide up to 100 watts of power to devices, allowing users to power some of the more demanding gadgets on their desks without additional power supplies. The USB 3.0 Promoter Group announced that the standard would allow USB 3.0 ports to power and charge devices like notebook PCs and would remain backwards compatible with USB 2.0 devices.

USB 3.0 ports introduced high data transfer speeds of up to 5Gb/s to compatible components, and have also been able to maintain currents and voltages up to 900mA at 5V for a maximum power output of 4.5W. This was about twice the maximum power output of USB 2.0 ports, but a current USB 3.0 port would still struggle to power most external hard drives.

Since the new spec raises gives USB 3.0 more than twenty times its old power input and output, the slate of products the ports could power is much larger and includes monitors, desk lamps, and even notebook PCs. The beefier ports could clear up some of the crowding at wall outlets, and if adopted as the main power connector for items like laptops, could help eradicate proprietary ports

The USB 3.0 Promoter Group says the new standard will be ready for industry evaluation at the end of 2011 and is set for release to manufacturers in early 2012.

Read more here: USB 3.0 at ars technica


USB 3.0 is coming, it's been a long time coming, but it's about to come out in force. It will be interesting in the future to see if everything will be connected via USB 3.0. I personally think that it will come a day that USB 3.0 will have to be supported, or we will not be able to do the most basic upgrades.

08-09-11 – A – 226

So am a little ticked at my mom at the moment...

My mom just bought a HP Touchpad before me! So maybe its more a tinge of jealousy, anyways, if you have read my site for awhile I was looking into the Touchpad for awhile now but just have not pulled the trigger on purchasing it.

It was fun to play with it today and take it for a test drive. I think the review of the Touchpad have not been great but from the short time I played with it, it worked great and was very “peppy”. She bought it with the cover and the charging stand which is a nice touch.

I have to get back over there and mess around with it move before I drop $500.00 on a tablet.

08-06-11 – E – 225

Sam Lewis just emailed me the final pieces missing from the Trials Of Battle memorabilia: The CD and the registration card! I have uploaded them and they are now part of the TOB review. You can see everything here: Trials of Battle Review page!

08-06-11 – D – 224

Added a new icon to my links section above, it looks like a genie lamp, this new link will get you to The Warp Wishlist, I am hoping people will modify the list with new things they want and delete the old things that we don't need anymore or now have.

I also hope developers look here to see what people want!

08-06-11 – C – 223

I really appreciate both Sam and Kirby's time spent scanning the box, reference card and Manual for Trials of Battle. I am always looking box art, manuals, CD pictures, anything to add to a review, with that, if anyone sees something missing, please email me about it, and better yet, email me what I am missing!

Doing so enhances everyone's experience with a review and it keeps OS/2 applications fully remembered.

08-06-11 – B – 222

Sam Lewis has taken the time to scan the original box for TOB and the TOB Reference card! I have now place them at the top of the Trials of Battle Review page!

08-06-11 – A – 221

Kirby Hylton has been awesome enough to take the time to scan the Trials of Battle Manual for us. I have now added it to the top of the Trials of Battle Review page!

Also, Kirby had some additional info about TOB”

I once talked to Sondra Iverson (of Dean and Sondra Iverson, Game Design & Programming) who said they were working on a 2nd version. That would have been an even greater game, had it come to pass.”

Kind of sad news there but it was interesting that they even discussed a version 2.

08-05-11 – A – 220

eComStation Software Version Comparison list has been updated for August:

1. FireFox has been updated to 5.0.1 (Win, Mac, Linux)
2. MySQL has been updated to 5.5.15 (Win, Mac, Linux)
3. MySQL has been updated to 5.1.58 (eCS)
4. VirtualBox has been updated to 4.1.0 (Win, Mac, Linux)
5. Java has been updated to version 7 (Win, Mac, Linux)

Nothing exciting this month from eCS. Java 7 and VirtualBox 4.1 came out for all other OS's which is exciting but not earth shaking.

08-03-11 – B – 219

Continuing on my non eCS news for the day, I found an interesting website that has every Choose Your Own Adventure book made and more info then you would ever think about. I found it interesting since I read almost all of the books when I was a kid. If you don't know what the Choose Your Own Adventure books are about, Obviously your mother hates you the books came out in the 1980's and you read them in second person. The cool thing about the books is you choose how the story goes, this is done by reading a page and then deciding on what you will do, then you turn to the page the the choice you took. When I was 10 or so I could not get enough of them. I'm sure they are not as popular now but they are awesome.

Take a look here: http://www.gamebooks.org/show_series.php?id=30

08-03-11 – A – 218

I had this very large sales call today, I am trying to get focused on what I need to convey to the customer, five minutes out I see this from my car:

You can see the firetruck in the background, I had to keep moving or I would be late, wounder how many people lost power from that?!?

08-01-11 – A – 217

Trials of Battle review is up!

Trials of Battle (TOB) is best described as a multiplayer, multivehicle simulator, that is designed to facilitate fast paced, close quarters combat. There is no blowing up an unseen enemy radar blip from 10 miles away with a long range missile. This is up close and personal, in your face combat, with mainly short range weapons and the vehicle of your choice.

There is a single player game in there but TOB was made for multiplayer, but is anyone around to play anymore, is the game even with the time to try? Where the hell is the manual!?!?

Click here to read the review and download the full version!

07-31-11 – A – 216

ASUS EEE Slate - The show must go on....

Sigurd has posted a new video to YouTube about eCS 2.1 on the EEE Slate. It looks like things have progressed nice, with two major issues fixed:

- Sound is working now
- Finger AND Stylus can be used simultaneously (!)

Sigurd says that there are only really two more hurdles to jump:

- WLAN Device
- SMP (Multicore) Support

To see the video, click here, don't forget to subscribe to his site.

07-29-11 – B – 215

The eCS Yahoo! Groups has been busy today on the topic of SNAP. The big question is now that Mensys has the code, what are they going to do with it? People have different ideas but I think some things are coming to light and others we will just have to wait :

1. Panorama looks like it will be incorporated into SNAP
2. A developer in the US that is working on a wide screen support for VESA mode
3. There are no human resources to write native video drivers currently.
4. Scitech at the time, had situations where a video chipset would be native supported on one, but not another system, even if it was certified. Hence the reason why VESA support with proper MTRR value's and the wide screen enabler will get much higher priority, then native chipset support.
There is one thing however that people need to understand about SNAP: SNAP is not the holy grail.

There is a lot more going on in forms. It's all good though since people seem to be very passionate about SNAP and willing to donate to the cause. You can see the discussion here. I hope more people will post positive ideas!

07-29-11 – A – 214

Java SE 7 Is Here! (but not for eCS)

Now I don't want to rain on anyone's Java parade here in the eCS community, but Java 1.7 came out officially today:

Java SE 7 is officially released today! After nearly five years of collaboration within the worldwide Java community, Java Platform, Standard Edition is ready for download! It's an important step in Java’s evolution. Thanks to everyone who suggested features, reviewed specs, argued on mailing lists, talked about Java 7 at your JUG meeting, submitted bugs, wrote blogs and tweeted about #java7. The major features of Java SE 7 are:

Project Coin- many small language changes that add up to a big boost in productivity for developers
• The Fork/Join Framework -  facilitates parallelism for multi-core processors
• The New File System API (NIO.2) - provides the ability to perform many basic file system operations natively
• Invoke Dynamic - makes it easier to run other languages on the JVM

To learn more about these features, you can view the technical presentations

You can read more from the Java Blog here.

07-27-11 – B – 213

I guess I need to give everyone an update on my eCS 2.1 Machine.

After many, many reinstalls and just general hit and misses, I have finally figured out what my issue was with almost all my problems:

So my USB mouse and keyboard is the major reason I have had issues with crashing and just general instability. I put them both onto PS/2 and things are just purring. I'm not sure if I should be pissed or happy. The sound is solid, no crashing, no issues with SMP, things are installing fine...

One major thing I still have is the Internet. Before, I would get on the Internet for 30 minutes and get kicked off. Now it seems that about an amount of data has been uploaded I get kicked, again there is no reason this should happen and all the other computers work fine.

Hopefully I can get this working and dump my WinXP machine.

07-27-11 – A – 212

Cups 1.5 with new security functions

Version 1.5 of the Common Unix Printing System (CUPS) has been released. It is used in the printing process in Mac OS X and in many Linux distributions and has been largely driven by Apple, since it acquired the rights to CUPS in 2007.

The CUPS library now offers basic support for SSL/TLS X.509 certificates and an updated PDF filter. For security reasons, filters and backends are no longer allowed to have group write privileges. The new version determines user-specific settings exclusively from the ~/.cups/client.conf and ~/.cups/lpoptions files, support for which was introduced in version 1.2 – ~/.cupsrc and ~/.lpoptions are no longer consulted. The print scheduler now supports operations such as "cancel-jobs", "cancel-my-jobs" and "close-jobs". The HP-GL/2 filter and SCSI backend have also been removed.

An overview of other changes can be found in the changes.txt file in the CUPS 1.5 source code (direct download) archive; documentation is also provided. CUPS is licensed under version 2 of the GNU General Public License (GPLv2), with exceptions for Apple operating systems and the OpenSSL toolkit.

-The H Open


I'm sure the new CUPS version will come to eCS, just interesting to see what is being worked on.

07-24-11 – A – 211

Software I am looking for future reviews...hook a brother up:

1. Sundial System Suite
2. ColorWorks 2.0
3. MainActor 2.06 (or higher)
4. Virtual PC
5. NeoN Graphix 3D
6. Back Again/2000

Send me an email (admin at bluenexus.net) and I will give you FTP access, or you can email me the app if it's not too large. Again, I am looking for full versions, of the lattest version, too review!

Don't let a great OS/2 – eCS program die! If you have a full version of an application/game on your hard drive and the company is out of business, lets review it, and give a new generation of eCS users the opportunity use it!

Of course, if anyone has suggestions for a review, I am open to most anything!

07-22-11 – A – 210

SNAP video for OS/2 and eComStation acquired!

If you have read my site for any amount of time, you should remember I emailed Alt Richmond about the SNAP video driver on 5-09-11 (Entry 151) asking if they would work with the eCS community to either sell, donate, or open source the SNAP driver, which, in my opinion, is the best option currently for video drivers for the eCS user.

Here is the official article posted on the Yahoo! Groups form:


Mensys B.V. of the Netherlands has acquired the source code and rights
to create binary distributions of the SNAP product for OS/2 in an
agreement with the company Alt Richmond Inc. of Canada. The SNAP
graphics driver provides high performance support for current graphic
chipsets on eComStation.

"The SNAP acquisition fits the Mensys strategy to continue to provide
ongoing support for the OS/2 operating system", says Roderick Klein of
Mensys B.V. "We believe that in combination with the Panorama video
driver technology we will be able to create the best performing generic
video driver for eComStation to date. We are delighted that we have been
able to acquire this code and are very happy with the cooperation,
responsiveness and professionalism of Alt Richmond."

Developers that are interested in helping with the fusion of SNAP and
Panorama are welcome to contact Mensys: ecomstation@...

Kind regards / met vriendelijke groet,

Joachim Benjamins

| Mensys BV - The Software Catalog for Professionals |
| Joachim Benjamins | Email: joachim@... |
| Crayenestersingel 65 | Phone: +31-23-5482020 |
| 2012 PG Haarlem | Fax : +31-23-5482030 |
| The Netherlands | www : http://www.mensys.nl/ |


Of Course, I had to say something:

Great job guys, what a great addition to eCS!

Mensys...I think I'm owed at least a beer :)


Joachim Benjamins had a good sense of humor about it:

Well, yes, your intervention certainly did speed up the process ;)


Personally, this is the biggest news since eCS 2.1 came out and opens some very interesting questions:

1. Now that Mensys has (owns) the code, what time line is there to get it updated?
2. Will they add additional chipsets?
3. How will Panorama fit in now?
4. Can we expect dual screens? How about Triple screens (I want this).
5. Can and will open GL be added?
6. Can we expect performance gains especially with Firefox?

I got several emails about this news, and I agree, it is awesome. I want to thank Alt Richmond and Mensys for making this happen!

So there you have it everyone, remember to email companies/people you think have great apps and don't be shy to ask them (politely) to give back to the eCS community, it might just happen!

Oh...and Mensys...you still owe me some beer.

07-20-11 – B – 209

ScummVM 1.3.1 has been released. ScummVM is a cross-platform interpreter for several point-and-click adventure engines. This includes all SCUMM-based adventures by LucasArts, Simon the Sorcerer 1&2 by AdventureSoft, Beneath a Steel Sky and Broken Sword 1&2 by Revolution, and many more.

You can see many operating systems are supported with this new version, unfortunately the eCS version is still at 1.2.1. Hopefully someone will step up and update it.

07-20-11 – A – 208

I'm in Miami, FL., this week (until Friday) for work. I am running around here pretty much non stop so I have not been able to update the site much but will try and catch up now until I fall asleep...

This is a Reverse Osmosis Unit – I lost this $200K sale today. Blah Crap.

07-15-11 – A – 207

Stardock's OS/2 Essentials Version 2.0 review:

OS/2 Essentials was made in the day of OS/2 Warp 4, when there were indeed things missing. There were no screen savers built into Warp 4, no the Trash Can, and other things you would assume would be a standard item. Today, there is no need for those “Essentials” when you have eCS.

So you do not “need” OS/2 Essentials, but is there still programs on this CD worth using in today’s modern eCS system?

You know the drill, read the review, download the CD!

07-13-11 – A – 206

I'm especially pissed that I am still having issues with eCS 2.1 because I want to test out the new Pandora when it comes out. I am hopeful that I will...

If your not familiar with the service, it is an automated music recommendation service. The service plays musical selections similar to song suggestions entered by a user. The user provides positive or negative feedback for songs chosen by the service, which are taken into account for future selections.

I use it on my PS3 and my Droid X (Cell Phone) and love it because I'm just way to lazy to find my own songs. I have tried before to get Pandora to run under eCS but Flash (Flash 10, Preview 2) reports that the local storage is currently disabled and must be enabled to use Pandora...whatever the hell that means.

Now it seems Pandora announced on Tuesday that it is phasing out Flash in favor of HTML 5 (!). The change means users won't have to rely on the Flash plug-in in their Web browser to listen to the service's music offerings, and the company claims switching to HTML 5 has improved overall performance, too. 'The front-end technology has been rebuilt in HTML 5 and together with a host of other improvements results in a much faster experience,' the Pandora Web site stated.

It is not out yet but Pandora announced it on their homepage. Good news indeed!

07-12-11 – A – 205

Every 12th of the month, take 30 minutes and make the eComStation Community stronger. The July Calendar calls for:

Donate Money! That kid in a 3rd world does not to eat as much as you need to donate to an eCS development team. How much? $5.00 a month, and were on month 4...cough up $20.00 or do not pass go! If you do not know who to donate to, head over to the “What can I do?” link or email me. Remember, it takes money to have great apps. No one likes a cheap ass!

Now, I won't tell you what to donate your money too, I don't care as long as you do it. For me, my money goes to the Java 1.6 port (I just did $29.12, do more if you can). It's a fully functional port that works NOW even though not all the funds are there. They are still $1,360.00 behind.

The Java link is here and to donate to the Java cause, go here.

Paul Smedley is another good place to donate, he ports a ton of applications, go here to donate to him, or if your in the giving mood, donate to both!

Seriously, don't be a jerk, donate if you use Java or any other eCS app.

07-11-11 – B – 204

I go to the YMCA daily sometimes seldom, and I know I should go more, but you know, I have work, and this website, and I save baby seals, Blah, Blah, Blah...

Any-ho...I normally participate in “Spin” Class when I go (don't judge me). This is where grown adults sit on a stationary bike and “ride” it to no where, listening to crappy music the hippie trainer brings in.

Even though I bitch about it, it's a good class and I'm sure I burn a bit of calories. Unfortunately, my trainer, after the end of each class “Pushes” and Outback gift cards for a free Blooming Onion. Now they are yummy, I give you that...but why the hell would you push 2,210 calories and 134 grams of fat onto people that just worked out!


07-11-11 – A – 203

On Yahoo! Groups, sigurd_fastenrath just posted a YouTube video of the ASUS EEE Slate EP121 running eCS 2.1 (It's in German, so I have no idea what he's saying but you can easily see what he is doing)


On a second post, he posts some more information:

This slate is really interesting and neat. It comes with a small Bluetooth
keyboard that unfortunatley therfore can not be used with eCS. The Slate has got
Stylus AND Multitouch, I am confident to get both to run with the help of Wim
Brul who did help me out so much and great with the X200T Stylus.

No, network (only WLAN is availiable) did not work so far - it is an Atheros
WLAN 9002, I did not try to get it to run in UNSUPPORTED mode so far as I am
just began. I think the only hope in this case may be to replace the internal
WIFI card, but it is a "half Size" Mini PCIe card what makes it hard to find a
replacement. There are Intel 5100 and above for this around, unfortunatley the
GENMAC does not support this ones. SO may be Mensys will release a new one what
they told to do, so I can change the adapter then.

The Widesreen Activator does support this Slate so I was able to get the
1280X800 resolution this night, thanks to Robert Lalla!

What does NOT work so far:

- Sound - the driver is successfully loaded with IRQ 5 but no sound around at all

- SMP - does crash the machine, it detects the 4 kernel but did automatically
restart ones the WPS tries to come up. I may try the install SNAP instead of
Panorama but fear to crash the system

- Stylus, Multitouch


- I can not get Bootmanager to work - this is really strange. If I mark it as
"startable" it just will not boot. Even then - I have no idea who to select
something if I can get it to run because in this early stage no Stylus or touch
is working... seems to be somewhat tricky ... :-)

What DOES work:

- ACPI + APIC mode - even the temperature and the battery seems to be shown OK

- USB (I connected an USB keyboard and an USB mouse during the video)

- Panorama Vesa with 1280X800

- Well performance!

What does make installation tricky:

- the "ususal problems" ecs 2.1 does have (i.e. the Amouse drive is not loaded

- only two USB ports availiable (3 would be the best: keyboard, mouse, external
dvd), so I installed without mouse (was not to hard ;-) )

Well, I bought it to use it for working issues while visiting clients. There are
only two minor things that I do not like with this Slate, but at least these do
not bother me that much:

- battery life (2.5 - 3 hours) - but for me this is OK

- the fan is always on but very silent, for me OK, could be better, there may
be a BIOS update available

It was really astonishing to see who well Windows 7 could be used with it, it
replaced my ipad already....

I think the launch was sometime in March for this product, the Display is really
great and with the "gorilla glass" it is really well protected.


I will be following this closely, hopefully he can get eCS running on the Slate with no issues in the future, if so, I know I will buy one. Personally I think all the hurdles could be fixed except the Bluetooth part, and this is simply because there are no drivers what-so-ever. Not sure how we could ever get past that.

07-10-11 – A – 202

I found this news article, while idiotic, not surprising

Michigan Inmate Sues Because He's Denied Porn

A 21-year-old Michigan inmate has filed a lawsuit that contends he's been stripped of civil rights because he isn't allowed to look at porn, claiming his lack of access to the material gives him a "poor standard of living" and "sexual and sensory deprivation."

The AP reports the man, who was charged with bank robbery, hand-wrote his lawsuit while locked away in the Macomb County Jail. The story says that according to a Michigan Department of Corrections comment to the Detroit News, prisons in the state allow pornography but the county jail does not.

As always, the best reading here is the comments.

07-09-11 – A – 201

Well...I'm still having issues with eCS 2.1 that is slowing me down from about everything I am trying to do (reviews, contacting old programers, porn). I've had to reinstall eCS a few times from something happening to installs I did, mostly

The big issues I am having:

1. I cannot get on the Internet. I know the network card is working as I can get on the Internet for like 3 minutes, then like before when I was with ATT, I get booted and cannot get back on until I reboot. I suckered my brother over here and we think it might be my router. It's just annoying since all the other computers (all Win machines) my WII, and PS3 work fine. So why eCS? If we cannot figure it out by tomorrow I will get a “switch” and not a router.

2. After I install programs, when I reboot, they sometimes disappear? How the hell does that happen? Sometimes it does not happen until after 2-3 reboots. No idea why this is happening though I doubt it's eCS 2.1

3. Sound is “jumpy” which is weird since its the same sound card I hard in my old computer and this was never an issue. I am using Uniaud like before. Again, this might not be eCS but another app, just not sure which one or why.

4. Running SMP seems to give me issues, ACPI also, going to setup eCS as a single processor for a few weeks to see how it goes, then I will switch it up.

I have plans to work on them today and get back on track.

07-05-11 – A – 200

eComStation Software Version Comparison list has been updated for July:

1. Adobe Reader has been updated to 10.1 (Win, Mac, Linux)
2. FireFox has been updated to 5.0 (Win, Mac, Linux)
3. Thunderbird has been updated to 5.0 (Win, Mac, Linux)
4. Thunderbird has been updated to 3.1.11 (eCS)
5. MySQL has been updated to 5.5.13 (Win, Mac, Linux)
6. MySQL has been updated to 5.15.7 (eCS)
7. VirtualBox has been updated to 4.0.10 (Win, Mac, Linux)
8. Java has been updated to 1.6 Update 26 (Win, Mac, Linux)
9. Java has been updated to 1.6 Update 22 (eCS)

Well by far the biggest thing here is that Java for eCS is now out of Beta. Hopefully soon it will updated to the current windows version of update 26 and more intertwined into OpenOffice and Firefox. We need to thank the Java team again for their hard work in getting Java 1.6 to the eCS platform. If you have not done so already, make sure you donate here.

VirtualBox was updated to 4.0.10 for Win, Mac, and Linux, this makes me want to club something since I want VirtualBox for eCS.

07-04-11 – A – 199

Whew, I was able to see my hard drive after I did a check disk, and copy everything to the new SATA solid state drive. Ya! Now it's 12:30am, I'm going to bed.

07-03-11 – A – 198

What a long, strange trip this has been...and unfortunately I am not done yet.

Good thing I had the forward thinking to upload the WarpNote review before I decided to update my computer from eCS 2.0 to 2.1 because I still do not have a 100% functional computer yet. So if you have not guessed, I am still doing my updates in OpenOffice, but not in eCS 2.1 like I hoped, but Windows XP.

It's not from the lack of trying, or cash, I promise. I wrestled with several computer parts and eCS 2.1 for days and simply could not get a machine to run. I could go on for an hour about what I tried and what odd things happened but I'm not in the mood and I've already had more beer then I should while writing this.

Basicly, to shorten this up, I said screw it after a few days of going no where, begged the wife for some money, and then yesterday went out and spent around $420.00 bucks on new hardware just so I could get eCS running.

This has been long overdue anyways, the hardware I have been using is well over seven years old, even when you include the motherboard, CPU, and RAM my brother donated to me a year ago. Real old crap. So I was excited to go out and have some fun buying so new hardware.

The only things I did not upgrade was the Power Supply and Tower.

I forgot to put the SATA DVD Burner in the picture.

Lets hit the hardware fast:


Gigabyte - H61M-D2P-B3


Intel – Core i3 – 2100 (LGA1155)


4 Gigs (1 Stick) – DDR3 -1333


Cool Master – Hyper TX3

Hard Drive - OCZ Technology

SATA – 2.5 Solid State Drive – 40 GB


Lite-On IHAS124-04 SATA – 24x Speed

Why I bought what I bought (in case your upgrading soon):


I decided to look for a motherboard that supported PCI x16, SATA, and would have a long upgrade life (CPU).

More importantly, I was not ready to spend more money than I did, so I went with a motherboard that had on board video, sound, and network cards with the hope that all of the hardware would be found. If not though, the motherboard had two PCI slots so I could put separate cards in if eCS could not find something (which happen, read below).

For what I was looking for, this was my best choice.


I knew I wanted to go with Intel. I have nothing against AMD, and for performance versus price, AMD is a better deal. As an eCS user, compatibility needs to come first.

I decided to get the lowest CPU the board could handle, so I bought a Core i3 – 2100 3.10 GHz with 3MB Cache. I decided to take this because of the low cost and I now have tons up upgrade room in the future when pricing will be lower.

And remember, my old hardware was a Pent 4, so even the slowest i3 CPU will a crap load faster than what I am used to.


I did not need anything fancy here but I did want to max out eCS's memory limit so I did not have to bother latter. I do have one more slot on the board, so if one day, eCS can handle more than 4 Gigs of Ram, I will be ready.

I'm not holding my breath though.


This was actually a mistake, I thought, the CPU came with a fan but they sales guy said it did not. I was in a rush because my 3 and 5 years old were running around the store like feral monkeys, so I just threw it in.

I am glad I did this though since the fan, while massive, is super quiet and keep the CPU super cool. It was around $24.00 and worth it.

Hard Drive

I knew I wanted a new hard drive, for one, even if I wanted to keep my old one, I could not, it was the old format (ATA), and there were no ATA slots. I knew I wanted SATA so I made the conscious decision to get a new hard drive.

I wanted a solid state drive because I have heard they are crazy fast, and really, with eCS, I don't need a ton of room, and if I do need room latter, I will get a platter hard drive just to store data.

While the Solid State Drive was around $50.00 more and just for a 40 Gig, I consider it a must buy.


Because I went to SATA, I had to also get a new DVD Burner. I almost never need a burner but it's so cheap, what the hell.

Installing all this crap:

For the good part of a week, my office has been an disaster, hardware has been spewed all over, making my “real” job a chore.

I was really happy, but nervous about bringing this hardware home since I had no idea if eCS 2.1 would take.

Hardware wise, I have no issues of getting into a computer and ripping it's guts out, then putting them back in, the most time consuming thing was putting in the CPU Fan, it's a monster.

So shinny!

After putting in all the hardware, I decided to just let it boot up without me changing anything until I saw a problem.

Pretty much right away I am asked to insert the eComStation installation CD even though it is already inserted. After reading the eCS Guide, I had to reboot and get into the BIOS, from there, I needed to find if the system has an AHCI disk controller, which it did, and check the BIOS if it is possible to switch to "Legacy" or “Compatibility” mode. It was, and I did. Rebooting, I was happy to get into the eCS install screen!

Once in the eCS Installer I felt a little better, I knew I had a long way to go but this was a good step forward. I had to reboot twice as eCS prepared the new Solid State Hard Drive but it was fast and uneventful. I just followed the directions and moved on.

The hard drive formatted and ready to go, I split the drive into a 10 Gig (eCS OS and apps) and 30 Gig drive (all storage and data, some apps). At this point, my old ATA hard drive with all my eCS data is down, I am just worried about getting eCS 2.1 installed on this new computer. Once that is done, my hope is that I can just put the old hard drive in a USB shell and connect it up, dump the data, and be rid of ATA forever.

I had some major issues with getting eCS 2.1 on my computer, actually having to walk away for a few hours between tries. I tried playing with the BIOS and what I installed via the options in eCS.

The first issue was that when eCS booted up and got to the SNAP drivers, eCS would would simply hang and not go any further. I tried three times and each time the boot up would freeze. I finally decided to surrender and take Panorama, doing so allowed me to continue.

The next issue was after phase 2 was done and the computer rebooted, the eCS desktop would come up, I would start working and 5 seconds in the computer would freeze up. When all said and done, the issue was ACPI, after I did not install it, the problem went away. Until then though, I wanted to club a baby seal.

When I finally figured out that ACPI was to blame, I made sure I did a basic install and it held! It was great, from just playing with it for a few minutes I could already tell it was smoking fast.

Oddly enough, this is where I could install ACPI, reboot and add the /SMP command with no issues. Ya, I don''t understand it either.

I was disappointed that two things did not work, both the on board cards:

1. Realtek ALC889 codec
2. Realtek RTL8111E chip (10/100/1000 Mbit)

I really thought both of these chip sets were ok for eCS but I guess not. The Realtek ALC889 codec (Sound) was not even seen by the eCS installer and the Network Card was seen, but once on the eCS Desktop, I could not get on the Internet or Ping anything. Good thing I bought a motherboard in mind that this might happen. With the two extra PCI slots I simply added:

1. PCI Hercules Fortissimo III 7.1 (Sound)
2. 3Com 3C90xC PCI (Network)

I decided to reinstall again with both cards in, eCS saw both the cards and once done, I could hear the eCS intro jingle and get on the Internet. Hooray!

One sec, I need to refill my beer.

My old Hard Drive, having a beer for my old friend. eCS 2.1
finally running in the background.

Now that all my hardware has been verified to work, I closed up my computer case and went to putting my old computer's hard drive for one last file transfer.

A note on Panorama, while I would always rather use SNAP, it is not possible right now since it cannot find my current card and I don't feel like buying a new one. I'm not sure why performance is good compared to my last few times trying it, but I am assuming that it's because the on board video is just so much faster it brute forces acceptable usage (this is probably bullshit and you should not believe this).

Of course, it is never that easy, for some odd reason my new computer will not see the old Hard Drive (via USB). I have used the USB slot so I know it works, and eCS does see it, it just can't read it. Now I have to run a check disk and it will take a few hours, I will return tomorrow and we'll both find out how it goes.

07-01-11 – A – 197

WarpNote (version 1.93) review is up!

Tired of those yellow sticky notes that won't stick on your monitor? Here come the sticky notes that remain where you put them: On your OS/2 desktop. WarpNote gives you easy access to little yellow windows where you can note down everything you want. The program is simple and easy to use and consumes as little memory as possible. Scripting & birthday-reminders included.

WarpNotes offers you an easy way to keep all your thoughts, quick notes, web links, addresses, phone numbers, and other information in one place. Whether you need to create a to-do list, plan daily tasks or organize recipes, WarpNotes finally provides you with everything you need for a fully featured, native eCS application.

I found WarpNotes for OS/2 1.93 but it was all but abandoned. It took me sometime to find the author (thanks to some readers) but in a few days, was able to talk to Uwe Mock. Uwe is very nice to allow WarpNote to be freeware after we talked. Donating such a productive program allows everyone to win.

This review goes into why I wanted WarpNote not to die a cold death of neglect. Click here!

06-29-11 – A – 196

Java for OS/2 and eComStation - the project has entered the GA (general availability) stage.

The latest version of OpenJDK 6 is 1.6.0-b22 GA released on 27.06.2011. This is an official build intended for general use. This build brings a long-awaited improvement that prevents Java applications from crashing on SMP systems and a bunch of minor fixes.

The more detailed list of changes can be found here.

Version 1.6.0-b22 GA is available for downloading in the following packages and formats.

Note that there is no "mpusafe" archives any more since Java should now work fine on SMP computers. If you still need "mpusafe" behavior for some reason, you may manually mark all *.exe files in the ZIP archives using either the execmode tool (coming with eComStation) or the markexe utility (which you can find e.g. in the OS/2 Toolkit).

You can learn more and download Java 1.6 from here: http://svn.netlabs.org/java

Remember, if you have not donated yet, do so. If you use eCS, participate in your OS!

06-28-11 – A – 195

Nothing comes easy, I swear.

So I still have not been able to get eCS 2.1 on my main computer (The large white Tower to the left), the install went great but my power supply was over heating, I was getting this odd problem where eCS would boot and would freeze before it got anywhere close to the desktop.

So I decided that since I had a Pent 4 (Tower furthest to the right) in the closet, I would try that. It installed eCS 2.1 just fine but would not find the network card. So I played around with a few cards with no luck (3Com, and others). I decided to pull out all the cards and just put the network card in and see how that went. From that point on, eCS will now not install. Even if I put the hardware back in like before and default the BIOS like it was the first time. Talk about being pissed and confused.

Next, I removed opened my Windows XP (Center Tower) hard drive and tried installing eCS 2.1 there. eCS flat out would not install. I put that computer back to WindowsXP and was able to get the sound working with a new sound card I had lying about (just trying to find a silver lining here).

So anyways, I am going to try and get the new(ish) tower to take eCS since it is so much quieter, if not I will go out and by a new power supply.

6-26-11 – B – 194

19 minutes latter I am looking at eCS 2.1 and things are looking good. It's been a long time since I have run 4 CPU's but I am, it will be interesting to see if I have any issues/crashes/blah, blah, blah.

06-26-11 – A – 193

eCS 2.1 is installing on my computer right now, for fun, I have Hyper-threading on again and I have ACPI installing. Lets see how bad this thing crashes.

06-25-11 – A – 192

I had an epiphany about eComStation today.

I was sitting in front of my computer, working on a review, suddenly, it was like a flash, a door appeared to me. In it, I saw the way that we can make eComStation big, behind this door were all the tools and knowledge that would allow us to show other users why to use eComStation, and they would join...quickly. They would format their hard drives of Windows and Linux, sell their apple computers, open their tablets and cell phones. All for eCS.

I saw and knew the killer app we needed to help us on our travels to this new land of promise. Not only was this killer app amazing, once you saw it, you wondered how you ever lived without it. And even better, it could not be copied or ported or emulated to another OS, it was ours and from it, we would also grow as a community.

Not only that, this app would make countries come together, no more silly fighting, no more greed, no more zombies, no disease, and no pain. Though this door was only light. It was...beautiful.

The door closed, my brow wet with sweat, my hands raised, about to type the marvel of this vision.

Suddenly, my three year old called to me, I looked to my left to see her head covered in something silver-ish. I asked her what is was, and with one of the biggest smiles I have ever seen out of her she said:

nail polish”

Now, as I am sure you know, when nail polish dries, it gets hard, very, very hard. Right away I took her to the bath tub and got down to the business of removing this hard shell of silver off her head. It easily took thirty minutes, and while it was “touch and go” there and I actually did consider the option of cutting it all off, I was able to finally remove all of it.

Then I had to get her dried up, get her dressed, get her a snack, get her a show on, get her blankie, get her Curious George doll.

Done, I hurried back to type what I saw behind that door...and...and...I forgot.


06-23-11 – C – 191

So lets be honest with each other, would you rather work with super hot women, or ones that are humm...not so much. We'll if you say the latter, you need your head checked.

Well there is a funny article on The Consumerist just about that! An airline pilot was bitching about it, which is fine, I would too, but he accidentally had the conversation open so anyone could hear. Good stuff.

Southwest Flight Attendants May Sue Over Pilot's "Gays, Grannies & Grandes" Rant

What really makes this funny is the comments after the article.

06-23-11 – B – 190

Os/2 Notes has been busy and has updated their site with some good reading:

There has been a couple of pages added about Rsync and setting up an Incremental backup set to a central backup server with 7 day increments.

There is a walk-though of VirtualBox 4.08 and eComStation 2.1. It seems that eComStation 2.1 is much easier to install than past versions. I have not done this (yet), since I have a machine specific for eComStation. I can see this being a very important article for people just wanting to try out the OS before buying it or using eComStation on a machine that is being a major problem with a fresh install.

Finally, a couple of pages about Java 6 and a How to: on a triple system.

Os/2 Notes wants to know which Java 6 programs you got working and to leave comments at the end of the page.


06-23-11 – A – 189

As everyone knows, Firefox 5 is out (Windows, Linux, Mac). And while I was super excited about Firefox 4, Firefox 5 just makes me shrug my shoulders and go “Meh”. I know there were a bunch of small fixes and some small improvements but nothing that is earth shattering like I did for Firefox 4. It seems they are doing this simply to have a numbers race with Google, which is just silly.

And while I of course will use Firefox 5 for eComStation when it comes out, its more to just make sure it works than for improved usability like from Firefox 3 to 4.

If you want to learn more about Firefox and some plug-ins, etc for eComStation, I suggest Clicking here and visiting os2bbs.com's informative site.

6-22-11 – B – 188

Verizon ending unlimited data on July 7th, era of tiered pricing is upon us.

We've been waiting for the inevitable switch from an unlimited data service on Verizon since their CEO told us about the change in September of last year, and now it's looking ready to arrive much sooner rather than later. On July 7th, Verizon will be cutting the cord on unlimited data and switching to a unique set of tiered pricing plans, to effect all 3G and 4G customers, from 2GB at $30 to 12GB (with tethering) at $100.

A few things to keep in mind: This will not reflect on current customer's bills or contracts. Anyone who has setup a new contract before the 7th will continue to get the pricing that they've already signed up for. You signed a contract, after all. If you plan on upgrading or setting up a new contract with Big Red after the 7th, though, you'll need to be ready to pay for some more expensive (and capped) data plans. For most users, these new plans won't be too much of a problem: Checking Twitter and reading a few emails every day doesn't take much data. Unfortunately for the rest of us, we'll want to put ourselves around more Wi-Fi hotspots, or you may find yourself paying a pretty penny for the overages (at $10/GB).

- Read more at Pre|Central


Go figure, Netflix finally comes to my Droid X and now I get data limits...sigh.

06-21-11 – A – 187

The Technologizer had an article about The Secret World of Alternative Operating Systems, in it they mention eComStation, I'm not sure why, but all I want to do is see how many of these other Operating-systems I can run in a VirtualBox for OS/2

06-20-11 – C – 186

I started a new book on my Nook (small fact about me, I almost watch zero TV, just doesn't do anything for me). Anyways, I am now reading:

Sarah Silverman’s First Book: ‘The Bedwetter: Stories of Courage, Redemption, and Pee

I love the cover, so serious!

So far it's a pretty good book, so if your looking for something different, may I suggest this one.

06-20-11 – B – 185

Not a ton of news this week on the eCS front. If you have read my news in the past, I do have a interest in the OS called Hikau, the OS born from the Be OS's ashes. It is on Beta 3 now and as long as I can run it on a virtual desktop in eComStation, I will keep playing with it. You can read more on it here.

06-20-11 – A – 184

Paul Smedley has ported CUPS version 1.4.6 (6/13/2011), as well as Gutenprint 5.2.7 (6/12/2011), HP-LIP version 3.10.2 (5/3/2010), Splix version 1.1.1 (12/26/2008), Foomatic version 4.05 (9/26/2010), and foo2qpdl (6/28/2010). Also available (4/10/2009) is a CUPS port driver, which allows interfacing the standard OS/2 printing subsystem with CUPS. CUPS is the Common Unix Printing System; the goal is to improve the printing support in eComStation. You can see what printers are potentially supported; those mentioned as working with CUPS or Gutenprint should work. There is a newsgroup dedicated to discussion and feedback, as well as a HowTo.

- www.os2.com

06-16-11 – B – 183

eCS a gaming platform for today's PC games?

Maybe, if a company called Gaikai has anything to do with it.

Gaikai is a streaming service that puts PC games in your browser in real time. It is an open cloud gaming platform that lets gamers play the latest games (like Mass Effect 2 and Sims 3) instantly on any internet-connected device.
No game to download or install. Just click and play. Gaikai accelerates digital revenue growth with a cloud-based distribution platform that powers the entire lifecycle of your direct-to-consumer business -- from discovery to delivery. Gaikai's Open Cloud is the world's only open high performance, low-latency interactive entertainment network for gamers, publishers, retailers, and affiliates. We've established 24 data centers in 12 countries, and we're adding more all the time. We give publishers, retailers and affiliates more qualified customers. We deliver awesome game experiences through a stream, or via our patent-pending perceptive downloader technology.

If you look at the FAQ there is a very interesting question:

How do I download and install Gaikai?”

That's the best part: you don't. There's no special program to download or install. Games powered by Gaikai are delivered straight to your web browser using ubiquitous technologies like Flash and Java. Playing a game on Gaikai is as easy as watching a video on YouTube. If you need to deliver your game or software as a download, Gaikai has cutting edge download technology that delivers a best-in-class digital download to your customers.


So, if I am reading this correctly, as long as we have the newest versions of Java and Flash, both which are in late beta's, we can run games like Mass Effect 2 on eCS!

I'm not in the beta program now but once I get eCS 2.1 installed and running well, I will install Java 1.6 and Flash 10 on it and try to get in the program, if anyone beats me to the punch, make sure to email me and tell me how it went.

06-16-11 – A – 182

Downloading over 1416MB of eCS 2.1 (CD 1 and 2) and OpenOffice 3.2 for eComStation goodness. I think I hear my Clear modem screaming.

The real media for the eCS 2.1 (and OpenOffice 3.2) should be in the mail soon. I thought I would get this moving sooner than latter though.

06-13-11 – A – 181

NetRexx is now open source:

NetRexx, a variant of the Rexx script language, developed by IBM, has been made open source software under the aegis of the Rexx Language Association (RexxLA). The first indication that the language was to be made open source came in February, but now the process has been completed.

NetRexx adds some object-oriented techniques to the Rexx language. It is compiled as Java byte code and then runs on practically any JVM, even on Google Android's Dalvik VM. NetRexx was developed in the mid-1990s; Rexx itself was created at the end of the 1970s and became popular at the beginning of the 1980s on OS/2 and Amiga in particular.

You can read more from The H Open.

06-12-11 – B – 180

Every 12th of the month, take 30 minutes and make the eComStation Community stronger. This month, June, Your eComStation Calendar wants you to do:

Open that Abandoned Program!

There are some awesome eCS apps/games out there but unfortunately the author is either AOL, just stopped development, or thought no one used it. Email them (maybe find an email in the readme) telling why you like their app, and ask them if they plan to continue, if not, ask them to open it up to the eCS so it is not lost forever.

Well, I just got the author Uwe Mock to open up the application WarpNote 1.93 (Read post 178), what have you done?

06-12-11 – A – 179

Man, I'm a hypocrite, I just ordered my copy of eComStation 2.1, I'm big on the media and will pay for it, because work and just general life has been so busy I have neglected to get my own copy and I want to wait to get the hard copy, not downloaded (I'm weird that way).

Shame on me.

06-11-11 – A – 178


Uwe emailed me last night and now WarpNote is now free! You can download it here

I will be doing a review on WarpNote soon because it's a nice little program and I want people to try it out. I am very happy to see another useful eCS app not fade away!

I also emailed Uwe thanking him, of course, but also trying to go one step further and see if he will donate the code. If he does, perhaps someone will update it to “mesh” better on the WarpCenter bar.

So get an early download of WarpNote!

06-10-11 – C – 177

I received a nice email from Guillaume Gay that told me where WarpNote now resides:

www.uwe-mock.de (German) or you can try the english version via Bablefish here.

Guillaume told me that Uwe changed his family name from Schlenther to Mock, and while that is a hell of a lot easier to type, there was no way I would of ever found this site if not from the help of Guillaume (Thanks!)

I did not know but I guess Uwe also wrote the fun little program called Biograph/2 (I actually have this on my computer also).

Biorhythm is an attempt to predict various aspects of a person's life through simple mathematical cycles. Some believe that the idea has no more predictive power than chance, and consider the concept an example of pseudoscience. I am sure this is correct but it is fun to mess around with it.

So back on subject, I have emailed Uwe to see if he will open both apps and see if we can grow and improve them, maybe even get WarpNotes into eCS.

I will, of course, post here once I hear something.

06-10-11 – B – 177

Over at the os2world forms there was a great tip by Melf:

I've wondered how to easy transfer files to my ftp-server and use it like a drop-box. Tried with netdrive, but with various success. There is probably several easy solutions, but today I found my. In the templates folder >>Internet Templates, there is an object I never noticed before, called "FTP Host". Just dragged one to my desktop and filled in host, remote directory, username etc. Now I can just drop a file on it and its transferred to the proper place. Nice and easy!

It's a nice idea and even easier the FTPBrowser for just dumping files in a hurry.

If you have any other great eComStation Tips please send them to me and I will post them.

***Please note: if you send me a tip on SCUSEPRETTYCLOCK=ON I will mail bomb you...I'm just saying =)

06-10-11 – A – 176

Blah, five days since my last post. So I am sure the ten of you that read this crap eCS News/Rants/Whatever site were wondering what happened (or probably not)? Just in case you did, I had to fly to Mississippi to lead a project there since Monday.

I did bring my USB Key with a portable version of OpenOffice and Firefox but it was way to slow and gave up after my first night trying to get anything to load. The laptop I have is from work and runs WinXP, enough said.

Anyways, I will not normally post here when I leave because that invites trouble if you know what I mean. I will tell you all though I do have to fly to Texas this Sunday and won't be back until Tuesday, the next week I have to be in Alabama. My job gets busy in the warmer times of the year so just don't be surprised. I am going to look for a better way to update the site when I am gone so there are no more pauses.

06-05-11 – A – 175

eComStation Software Version Comparison list has been updated:

1. MySQL has been updated to 5.5.12 (Win, Mac, Linux)
2. Adobe Flash has been updated to 10.3 (Win, Mac, Linux)
3. VirtualBox has been updated to 4.0.8 (Win, Mac, Linux)
4. Java has been updated to Version 1.6 Build 22 (Beta) (eCS)
5. Apache has been updated to 2.2.19 (Win, Mac, Linux)

VirtualBox's Wiki Page did not reference eComStation in the Supported guest operating systems, so I added it. I cannot stress how important VirtualBox is for eCS, I know a lot is going on with Java, Flash, eCS updates, etc., but really, this is a must have app.

06-04-11 – A – 174

I am trying to find the author (Uwe Schlenther) of the program WarpNote 1.92 (Last date of version - 2000-06-09). It's a really nifty post-it app that I would easily compare to ones made today on other OS's. The problem is I cannot find him and WarpNote is a 30 day trial app. I would love to see if he would open source it, or at least let people use it for free.

Hobbes Description:

Tired of those yellow sticky notes that won't stick on your monitor? Here come the sticky notes that remain where you put them: On your OS/2 desktop. WarpNote gives you easy access to little yellow win- dows where you can note down everything you want. The program is simple and easy to use and consumes as little memory as possible. Each and any feature can be configured and adjusted to the user's needs. Extensive scripting capabilities give you unlimited possibilities (birthday-reminder included as an example script). Blowfish encryption ensures highest possible security. Includes German and French language support.”

I have tried the website but it is dead, I have tried both emails listed in the WarpNote Information File but both were kicked back to me. If I look at BMT Micro's website, where the WarpNote Information File tells you to go to order it, it does not find it.

So if anyone can get a hold of Uwe Schlenther, please send me his contact info. Or if you have the registration info, send me it, I would love to do a review and let it not fade away.

You can download a copy here for now, hopefully I will have an official review once I contact Uwe Schlenther or someone slips me the registration code.

06-03-11 – C – 173

The Original Ronald McDonald Was Really Creepy.

While trolling my normal news sites I found this article from The Consumerist. My wife has this innate fear of Clowns, so of course, I had to make her watch.

06-03-11 – B – 172

A Statement about Oracle's move to donate OpenOffice.org assets to the Apache Foundation:

The Document Foundation Statement about Oracle's move to donate OpenOffice.org assets to the Apache Foundation.

The Internet, June 1st, 2011 - The Document Foundation constitutes a global team of hundreds of developers working together to improve the LibreOffice product for the benefit of all users. We are governed by an open, and meritocratic community headed by a diverse interim Steering Committee, and a vendor neutral Engineering Steering Committee overseeing development.

Today we welcome Oracle's donation of code that has previously been proprietary to the Apache Software Foundation, it is great to see key user features released in a form that can be included into LibreOffice.

The Document Foundation would welcome the reuniting of the OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice projects into a single community of equals in the wake of the departure of Oracle. The step Oracle has taken today was no doubt taken in good faith, but does not appear to directly achieve this goal. The Apache community, which we respect enormously, has very different expectations and norms - licensing, membership and more - to the existing OpenOffice.org and LibreOffice projects. We regret the missed opportunity but are committed to working with all active community members to devise the best possible future for LibreOffice and OpenOffice.org.

On the bright side, one benefit of this arrangement is the potential for future-proof licensing. The Apache License is compatible with both the LGPLv3+ and MPL licenses, allowing TDF future flexibility to move the entire codebase, to MPLv2 or future LGPL license versions. The Document Foundation believes that commercially-friendly, copy-left licensing provides the best path to constructive participation in, and growth of the project.


This is great news as it should hasten development and (hopefully) make it easier to port OpenOffice (LibreOffice) to eComStation.

You can read here.

06-03-11 – A – 171

At the os2world forms, Martín Itúrbide posted about playing DOOM (via Javascript) on Firefox 4. I found it interesting not only because it's just a cool thing, it made me aware that in a few short years I do believe we will be playing some awesome games right from Firefox.

Now I'm sure everyone's mileage will very, but when I played, the sound worked, kinda. It was all broken up and was very annoying. I could open doors but could not fire.

I remember when this game came out and I was playing it on my 486DX 50mhz, so I find it fascinating that you can play it in your browser now, I hope this trend continues.

You can play Doom for the Web here:


Then you can discuss how it played for you here.

06-02-11 – A – 170

As par for the course, I have been getting some feed back from my new review on SearchPlus 2.0. One email was especially filled with an interesting fact I did not know about, and in hind sight, I should of =/


Hi Craig,

I just read your review about searchplus vs. pmseek, and it looks like you may have overseen a feature of pmseek. This is not meant to criticize you!

Consider it an addition.

It has to do with opening a file that pmseek has found. You give some examples, and pmseek goes wrong in these cases. But that is, because pmseek was not set up correctly.

pmseek has 3 entry boxes, and the 3rd one has the title "Editor program specification" and is filled with E.EXE . That is the default program to be used for opening a file that has been found by pmseek. But it can be changed into (for example) lucide.exe . If you found a .pdf-file, and have specified lucide.exe as the editor to be used, double-clicking on the filename in the list with results, causes that file to be opened correctly.

If you are looking for a picture, specifying (for example) PMView will open a .jpg-file correctly, etc etc.

If you are finished and close pmseek, it will remember what you have specified as the editor to be used, and it will use that next time you start pmseek. And then you can still change it on a per-file basis.

Searchplus still is a nice program, regardless of the above addition on pmseek.

Kind regards from The Netherlands, Tom.

I agree with Tom on this, and as much as this is a good thing to know, I would still award the win to SearchPlus, this is because I should not have to pick an application to see a picture file, but if I do, it should be easier for me to understand how, I never even noticed that!

So thanks again Tom and everyone sending me emails! It's nice to see people getting into the reviews and pulling them apart!

I have also added Tom's comment to section 6 of the SearchPlus 2.0 review.

06-01-11 – A – 169

SearchPlus 2.0 Review is up:

As peoples hard drives get larger, it becomes more of a hassle to find things, and after time you just forget where those pictures are that you need to delete before the wife finds them (ya, you know the ones). While eComStation does have a search program called PMSEEK 2.0, it is very long in the tooth and limited in what it can do.

SearchPlus locates files and or directories quickly by searching multiple locations simultaneously by using parallel processing thus avoiding time consuming sequential searches. SearchPlus is a native eComStation program that brings the eCS search function, if not to the future, to the present in terms of it's power.

This review puts SearchPlus and PMSEEK head to head, see if you should download SearchPlus or keep with what comes with eCS. Click here to read the Review!

05-30-11 – A – 168

So again, I was gone for a few days, this time I was down south fishing sharks, and no less then at night. It was the first time I have done it and it was a blast! I was out since Saturday but I had not caught anything until last night, then I caught not one but two. I was surprised on how strong they were, but with effort and good coaching, it all went well. Even when there was lots and lots of beer involved.

05-27-11 – B – 167

OS/2 Museum has a good article on Installing OS/2 1.x in a VirtualBox VM:

Installing 16-bit OS/2 in a virtual machine ranges between “tricky” and “impossible”, depending on the version of OS/2 and virtualization software used. In VirtualBox 4.0.8, things have moved further away from “impossible” and closer towards merely “tricky”. Version 4.0.8 fixed problems with floppy emulation which were making installation difficult, but plenty of hurdles still remain. Most of those have little to do with virtualization and are simply a consequence of OS/2′s age—the PCs of the late 1980s were not quite like today’s PCs.

You can read a lot more from the link above or click here (Because your too lazy to move your mouse).

While I find this great, I still am waiting for VirtualBox 4.0.8 for eCS and then I can run OS/2 1.x...

05-27-11 – A – 166

Zombie 0.1 - WinOS2 Program object has been released.

New WPS Program object for running seamless WinOS2 applications:

Zombie WinOS2 Program object. Fixes problem of applications not terminating correctly leaving icon hatched and preventing starting the application again. Adds optional enhancements for using data files with non-FAT 8.3 names/paths, and for saving extended attributes, on Enhancements tab of properties notebook.

This seems interesting, hopefully it will continue to be developed. You can download Zombie 0.1, WarpIn package, at Hobbes


05-24-11 – E – 165

Speaking about OS News, they have posted the news about eComStation 2.1 being released:

Yes, it's still being updated. OS/2 eComStation 2.1 has been released by Serenity Systems International and Mensys BV. The market for eComStation may not be particularly huge, but it still has its niches here and there. Since there might be folks here that aren't in the know: eComStation is the commercial continuation of IBM's OS/2, developed to support modern hardware.

It's kind of difficult to really figure out what the important changes are - I actually own a copy of eComStation, but I'm not really an OS2 expert, nor do I really know what the pressing faults were with version 2.0 that needed fixing with version 2.1. I do understand a few, such as AHCI support and the updated boot logo and wallpapers (no, really?). Another change which is obviously quite important is AiR-Boot, a small x86 bootloader which resides entirely in track 0 of the hard drive and is operating system-independent. This allows eCS to be installed on Windows 7 systems.

eComStation comes in three versions, namely Home & Student, Business Edition, and Server Edition. The Home & Student version can be installed on one machine, while the Business edition allows for up to five installations. The Server Edition adds the IBM Warp Server for eBusiness components so you can setup a server environment.


05-24-11 – D – 164

OS Devotees as Religious Supplicants?

Well, this will come as no surprise to OSNews readers, but as outlined in a recent BBC documentary, UK neuroscientists have studied brain scans of hard-core Apple fans and have found that their mental reactions to Apple imagery are quite similar to scans of religious devotees' brains when shown images of their iconography. The DigitalTrends article summarizing the finding singles out Apple users, but I think we all know that, RDF aside, this is not an Apple-only phenomenon.

I can think of an eCS user or two that fits that bill =)

To read more head over to www.osnews.com

05-24-11 – C – 163

While gone, I also got a good amount of email from people, one was from Wim Brul, giving me a heads up that there is actually a screen capture program called OS/2 Full Screen Grabber that lets you take screen shots from a OS/2 Full Screen, as well as an app that will also take screen shots from MDOS Full Screens (I have asked him for a copy). I have not tried it out myself since I just got back but I will in the near future. Wim is the author of OS/2 Full Screen Grabber.

If I had known about this, my TalosV review would have been DOSBox...errr...less?

Wim sent me a copy of it but I could not find it at Hobbes so I am posting it here so it can help others out also:


As you can see I have made a new directory called misc, I am thinking of putting a new link for apps that are good to have but not big enough for me to do a review on.

05-23-11 – B – 162

So I am late to the party but I still wanted to list all of the good updates that eComStation 2.1 brings. I am skipping the download and opting to buy the CD (It's just a thing with me). I hope that some of the big things I have encountered will be fixed (odd loss of keyboard use and hopefully I can use SMP again)

Here is a full list of things that were fixed/updated:


05-23-11 – A – 161

I'm Back! And the damn mouse is all the more richer.

I have to say it was a good time, if you have kids it's a great boat especially since you can let your kids run amok in the kids club section while you pass out at the pool.

05-19-11 – A – 160

No news until Monday, going to party with the mouse (Disney Cruse) for a few days. Why do I have a feeling I will be charged $10.00 for a beer.

05-18-11 – A – 159

JavaScript emulator lets Linux run in a browser tab.

The name Fabrice Bellard may not be recognizable to a lot of people, but the work he carries out as a programmer and computer scientist is. He is the man behind the LZEXE compression engine, FFmpeg audio and video converter, the QEMU emulator and virtualizor, and he also held the World Record for the computation of PI to 2,700 billion digits in 2009.

He is a very talented programmer, and his latest project demonstrates once again just how talented he is. Using the super-fast JavaScript engines that now come as standard in popular web browsers, he has managed to create a PC emulator that runs in a browser. As a demonstration he has posted a link to a version of the Linux kernel running in such a scenario.

Bellard wrote the entire emulator in JavaScript and says it runs fine in both Firefox 4 and Google Chrome 11. As it’s in a browser it automatically becomes platform independent meaning whatever platform your browser runs on, the emulator will work.

Yep, it works in Firefox 4.01 in eCS

You can read more here: http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/javascript-emulator-lets-linux-run-in-a-browser-tab-20110517/

05-16-11 – B – 158

eComStation 2.1 is now out!

eComStation 2.1 is now available for purchase from Mensys; the ISO files can be downloaded by those with an active eComStation Software Subscription, and it works with a valid eCS 2.0 key.

The media kit includes a printed, 72 page Quick Install Manual, and 3 CDs. CD 1 Is the install CD, CD 2 contains bonus applications, and CD 3 is OpenOffice 3.2.

Bonus applications include Java 1.3.1 and 1.4.2, ClamAV and GUI, some QT apps, Apache, MySQL, and PHP, the old IBM Bonus apps (Faxworks, IBMWorks, Videoin, IBM VoiceType and HyperAccess Lite), trial software from eCoSoft, Maul Publisher, Graham Utilities, and a TCPIP Configuration utility.

Developer tools like OpenWatcom 1.9, GCC, WDSibyl, FreePascal, as well as the OS/2 Developer Toolkit are also included. Thanks to "The Captain" and VOICE News for the info.

***I will be getting my copy next week, kinda bummed that Java 1.6 and Flash 10 won't be in there but it's still an easy purchase. Remember to invest in eCS, buy a copy today, unless you have a current subscription, then you should of downloaded it by now!

05-16-11 – A – 157

It's been a few days since I have heard from Alt Richmond Inc. (the SNAP video drivers current owners) so I decided to email Lisa today, she emailed me right away, with what I believe, awesome news!


I hope you had a good weekend! I wanted to connect with you and see if anything was discussed inside your group? I am not sure if you have seen some of the OS/2 news (www.os2world.com) sites but there is more talk about the SNAP drivers so I know there is interest.

If you have any concerns we can go over, please do not hesitate to talk to me, and if we need to go "offline" with our conversations that can happen.

Thank you.


Hi Craig,

Sorry for the delayed response. I am traveling right now on other business matters so my time has been limited this past week.

I am starting to talk with the Mensys guys directly about a possible license scenario for them to include the OS/2 SNAP code as a compiled library within their eComStation. As noted previously, we need to keep the source code secure (no open sourcing) for our business requirements so a business to business license is the ideal solution for us.

Thanks for starting up the conversation. Hopefully we can come to some mutually agreeable solution.

Best regards, Lisa


That is fantastic! I am glad your companies are talking and my hope is that it can be beneficial to both of you. I guess my work is done but if you need anything from me to assist in the cause, please do not hesitate in contacting me anytime.

Thank you!

So that's it, a dialog between Mensys and Alt Richmond Inc. has started. My work is hopefully done here. Let's hope they can reach an agreement so the SNAP technology can continue to evolve on the eCS platform.

05-15-11 – A – 156

Vigilance on Talos V for OS/2 is a game not unlike the old Metroid series. This side scrolling game was ported over by PolyEx Software and uses the WordUp Graphics Toolkit.

Yes, this screen is in DOSBox, read my review and find out why!

The game is all about finding, and destroy the evil Drektor. He is the leader of the Xeno's. He is a tough, and worthy opponent. His brain hides in different forms, so he'll be hard to find. You'll know him, when you see him though.

The review for Vigilance on Talos V for OS/2 is up, is it crap or worth the download? Read the review and download the full version (OS/2 and DOS Versions) for yourself!

05-12-11 – B – 155

Finally, the question that has been keeping me up at night is finally answered:

05-12-11 – A – 154

Qt 5 to arrive in 2012 (maybe eCS also?)

The next generation of the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework, Qt 5, will arrive in 2012 say Nokia, seven years since the release of Qt 4.0 in 2005. The announcement was made in a blog posting by Lars Knoll, Director of R&D at Nokia. The Qt developers hope to have beta quality code available by the end of this year.

The developers have a number of goals for Qt 5. They want it to make better use of GPUs for smoother animated graphics while also making the creation of complex applications easier through the use of QML and JavaScript. They also want all Qt applications deeply web connected to make them "as powerful as possible". Finally, they hope to eliminate the complexity in porting and maintaining a port of Qt on new platforms.

The major changes in the actual code will involve redesigning the graphics stack to build it around Qt Quick and the QML Scenegraph, basing all ports on Qt's Lighthouse project, restructuring the Qt repositories to be more modular and separating all the Qwidget functions into their own library. Some of these changes have already been in progress and the developers hope to complete the work by August. The development team also aim to remove some legacy code which exists in Qt 4.7 and make changes to the API while maintaining source code compatibility for "the majority of cases" for applications migrating between Qt 4 and 5.

To read more click here.

05-10-11 – A – 153

Again, more emails, this is good, of course, as it tells me both parties are interested in moving forward. We just have to find the way:

Hi Craig,

I was checking out your website and see that I'm already in the spotlight with a post and discussion in your eComStation Yahoo Group. : ) I am cc'ing Andy, Roderick and Joachim as they were part of the initial contacts with us. To answer a couple of questions floating in the Yahoo Group.

1. We can freely license/sell the source code to SNAP for OS/2.

2. The supported GPU tech specs are generally openly available now, so we

believe the NDA question is moot since the information has moved into the public realm.

However, the main issue on our end is we are not willing to open source this software. The software architecture is very valuable and enables our business to support a combination of GPU hardware acceleration and graphics software rendering in embedded devices. We do not believe there is a possibility in open sourcing the OS/2 portion alone without compromising the overall value of this software and architecture.

So at this point, we are willing to do a commercial sale/license of the SNAP OS/2 source code to an entity with limits on sublicensing/distribution, but I don't think that's what you guys are looking for?

So I'm not sure we can come to a mutually agreeable outcome, but we are open to ideas, so please let us know your thoughts.

Best regards, Lisa


My reply:


I am actually very, very happy that you took the time to have seen that I posted our emails to my site and the Yahoo! Groups. I am serious in generating “buzz” on this subject. You have a great piece of software there, and I think it would be a crime to let it wither away (OS/2 version) when there are people are out there that can use/enjoy it.

I agree, the NDA I think is past us and not even in my radar. What is though, is how we continue on moving forward with the SNAP driver for OS/2.

You are telling me that the software is valuable your business, to support a combination of GPU hardware acceleration and graphics software rendering in embedded devices. The worry is, that it would be impossible to open source the OS/2 version without compromising the rest of the software.

I understand that, I do not want to risk your business either. The OS/2 version though is what we are after. Now, there are a few things I do not know, I have no idea what the value is of software, though, I do understand the current state of OS/2, and that there is not a large market for it. I'm not sure how much business you draw from it but I am assuming (though it can be incorrect) it is not huge. So what I am hoping is that you can make some money and we can get a great piece of software.

There are a few scenarios I can think of, and I am sure after I post this, we will see more:

1. You donate the code, this could be a tax write off? We (whomever you chose, possibly Mensys), would take control of the code and change the name, and work with it with the understanding that it cannot be sold outside the OS/2 community.

2. Open source it totally (tax write off), while from what I read from your email, this might not be viable, it would allow a few OS's to contribute to one code. Again, the name can change and some stipulations can and should exist.

3. Sell it (OS/2 version) to us, though I have no idea the worth, I do think we need a number to see if we can do something about it. Just remember our community, while active, is small.

4. Make a deal with Mensys (I am not talking for them) that would make money possibly from the sale of each copy of eCS. This is a long shot, but I am just putting it out there.

I seriously doubt anyone in our community is looking to sub-licensing the software, but we can address this with some basic terminology in the agreement.

I am sure we can come to some mutually agreeable outcome, this is because I do believe we have the same goal, otherwise you would not be emailing me.

Please talk your group and contact me anytime.

And yes, I posted this to my site, and to the Yahoo! Groups. =)

Thanks again!


05-09-11 – B – 152

Another email from Lisa at Alt Richmond Inc. (SNAP drivers)

Hi Craig,

I will talk to Chris about this possibility and get back to you. We had proposed the collective group license to a couple of people and never heard back from them, so assumed there was no interest.

Best regards, Lisa

Of course, I emailed her right back:


Thank you for looking into this for me, and I assure you, with me, there is interest.

Please contact me anytime.


Again, I will post this in the Yahoo! Groups forum, there is some interest in SNAP, I am hoping that I hear from her tomorrow about the price. Of course, I will post here.

05-09-11 – A – 151

A few weeks ago I emailed the good people at Alt Richmond Inc., the people that bought the SNAP drivers. And while people were hopeful that they would open the drivers, or start working on them again, nothing has been heard of since.

I wrote off them ever getting back to me but I was actually shocked that I had an email from them today:

Hi Craig,

Sorry for the delay...I've been traveling. We appreciate your interest. Our strategy and focus since acquiring the SNAP software was to create a more robust commercially-viable 2D rendering package from the base technology. Unfortunately, we haven't found enough commercial interest in SNAP on its own to fund updating it. We've talked to some of your OS/2 colleagues, but none seem interested in acquiring the software for a fee.

In the past, we have suggested OS/2 users come together in a collective group to purchase a license to the OS/2 specific source code, but that concept hasn't found any interest either.

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me.

Best regards, Lisa

I don't know about any of you, but this is the first time I have ever heard of getting people together to purchase SNAP. This might be something very worthwhile to pursue. I decided to email her quickly back:


Thank you so much for connecting with me. I have been an OS/2 user for many years and I do see the value of the SNAP drivers for our community (I still use them).

After reading your email I am actually surprised that I never heard of a community driven fund to take over development. Every thing takes money and that is understandable, you said for a fee, your company was willing to sell the code.

I'm not sure where that is, but I would be interested in finding out what that number is, to buy the SNAP code outright. I would like to then get the community involved and use myself as the point man. If and when we get the funds, I would then donate it to the community where we can then start work on it.

Think about it, and again, thank you!

Craig Miller

So what does everyone think? I'm actually excited that, even if it does not work out, we then only can blame ourselves. The code does not have to fade away. Let's discuss this, I have posted this in the Yahoo! Groups.

05-07-11 – C – 150

Also part of that post from os2world is some brief news about eComStation 3.0. I wanted to have a separate post about it. So far, from what I have read:

eComStation 3.0 was discussed. This will include an updated version of the Panorama video driver. an update to the USB stack, updated ACPI driver, the eCUPs printer driver, more new MultiMac network driver support (including Intel wireless chipsets), Flash 10 and Java plugins for Firefox (I also heard today that there is a fixed version of Odin32 being tested that stops the SMP system hangs). Compatibility with the newer EFI boot standard was discussed as well. IPv6 is being investigated, butit's felt that backward compatibility with IPv4 will remain widespread for some time to come.

I know IPv6 has been a big discussion in the past because IPv4 is running out of addresses. If eCS 3.0 does come out with IPv6, this just helps future proof the OS. WarpStock 2011 is going on for two more days so it will be interesting to see if more news comes out.

05-07-11 – B – 149

Warpstock 2011 is going on right now in Haarlem in the Netherlands.

The main news is that eComStation 2.1 will be released here on Saturday, with an ISO available for download shortly there after. This will be both an English and a German version. Dutch and Italian are still being translated. This release will have all the updates since 2.0, and specifically the following new features:

  • Airboot to replace the IBM Boot Manager (though if BM is installed it can be used). This will save a primary partition.

  • New Graphical disk checker for install.

  • A brand new AHCI driver based on Daniella's driver.

  • Firefox 4.0 will now be included.

  • The new File Open Container will be available for install but not default.

  • The new MultiMac network driver will be available for supported network devices.

  • A new CPU throttling utility that I'm told will provide significantly better battery use times for laptops.

  • ACPI will be at the 3.18 level.

While all these are nice updates, I am personally happy about AHCI, Firefox 4.0, and ACPI.

You can read more about this at os2world.

05-07-11 – A – 148

I simply do not remember cakes looking like this when I was a kid...

...and yes, this cake was for my daughters birthday's that both reside in May.

05-06-11 – B – 147

Nokia releases Qt SDK 1.1

Not sure what this can mean to us, but we all know QT is pretty popular with the eCS community and so I thought this might be interesting to someone.

Read more at the QT Blog.

05-06-11 – A – 146

Really?!? Really?!?

Japanese lab invents Internet kissing machine

Call me when you get a BJ one working.

05-05-11 – A – 145

eComStation Software Version Comparison list has been updated:

1. Adobe Reader was updated to 10.0.3 (Win, Mac, Linux)
2. Firefox was updated to 4.0.1 (Win, Mac, Linux, eCS)
3. Thunderbird has been updated to 3.1.1 (Win, Mac, Linux, eCS)
4. QT has been updated to 4.7.3 (Win, Mac, Linux)
5. MySQL has been updated to 5.1.56 (eCS)
6. MySQL has been updated to 5.5.11 (Win, Mac, Linux)
7. VirtualBox has been updated to 4.0.6 (Win, Mac, Linux) Sigh...no eCS
8. Java has been updated to version 6, Update 25 (Win, Mac, Linux)
9. PHP has been updated to version 5.3.6 (eCS)

Firefox 4.0.1 was updated as well as Thunderbird and PHP to the current Windows levels, were catching up!

To see the whole list, go to the eCS Software list.

05-04-11 – A – 144

So I have been using Clear now for my Internet provider for a few days and so far things have been going great, here are the before and after results:



Ping – 104

Download Speed – 5.41 Mbps

Upload Speed - .95 Mbps

Ping – 49

Download Speed – .89 Mbps

Upload Speed - .20 Mbps

Huge difference in surfing the Internet, websites really just fly now, as well as downloads.

One add bonus, I am able to stay online with eComStation more than 30 minutes! It's an F'ing Miracle! So to say the least, I will be canceling my ATT DSL today.

05-01-11 – A – 143

After three reviews on native Internet tools for eComStation in a row, I am excited and proud to present to you a review of Firefox 4.

The latest version of Firefox 4 for eComStation introduces a sleek new look that lets Web content take center stage. With features like App Tabs and Panorama, Firefox makes it easier and more efficient to navigate the Web. Firefox delivers industry-leading privacy and security features like Do Not Track and Content Security Policy to give users control over their personal data and protect them online.

Firefox 4, how it works, how stable it is, can make or break eComStation. I hate sounding dramatic but lets be honest with each other, in today's world, nothing is as important as the browser. If there is not a secure, feature rich, fast, and standard complete browser on your OS, then it really is a hard sell.

I am happy to say that Firefox for eComStation does fit that bill. And while not perfect, it's leaps above the stock version (3.5.3) that comes with eComStation 2.0.

So without hesitation, please go to the eCS Software link (above) or click here to read the review of our newest browser: Firefox 4

04-30-11 – A – 142

Late in the day yesterday, I finally broke down.

You see, I have been running on ATT DSL for over two years now and they have been constantly telling me that U-verse was coming to my location, but they did not know when. Well ATT, go shove it. I'm going to try out Clear, an Internet provider that is wireless G4 speeds.

The tech from Clear did some look up for me and said I will be getting 6Mbps instead of 1.29Mbps I have been getting. Even my upload speeds will go up from .21Mbps to 1.00Mbps. Plus they sending me the wireless modem and a USB wireless modem (I will use on my work laptop) for $60.00, not horrible since I am paying about $40.00 for that crap DSL.

Of course we all know people say what they need to say to sign you up but here is hoping! Hell, it can't be worse (can it?).

Take you and your U-verse and shove it!

Lets hope this works better or your going to have a “strike-though” you logo to Clear!

They are sending me a wireless modem as par of the signing up. It should be here Monday so I will post here what the speed differences are and if there are any issues with eCS.

04-29-11 – A – 141

FS/2 v3.02 and Unimaint v5.10.23 are now available for free, No keys or passwords required to download or run the installed programs.

Jim Read has announced this on the Yahoo! Groups site. Below is his text and the site to get this software.

Web interface page - http://jaread.net/software

FileStar/2 is an OS/2 PM file manager that makes file management fun! Copy, move, delete, zip/unzip, compare files and directories. Find files. Show duplicate files. Combine directories for viewing. View and edit files using FlexEdit. Make your own file associations. Perform WPS object actions.

Download it here: http://jaread.net/downloads/filestar

UniMaint is an OS/2 utility to backup and restore your desktop, perform ini file maintenance, view/edit extended attributes and uninstall applications. Don't wait! Clean out those ini files now!

Download it here: http://jaread.net/downloads/unimaint

The FS/2 download does NOT have an install program at this time. Simply unzip the files into a directory, create a desktop object with working directory for the exe and that should be sufficient.

The FS/2 install includes the FlexEdit text/hex viewer/editor. The standalone FlexEdit is not yet available as I need to do some more work on it.

Both programs still have references to Sierra HyperStar Software which no longer exists. More work needed in the HLP files to clean them up for the free use and install. I'll get there eventually.

I could use some help from someone willing to wrap both programs into a wpi install package.

My web site at filestar.com is closed. My new web site is at: http://jaread.net which has links to the downloads as well.

I am sorry it has taken so long to release these but it has been a tough 2+ years for me.

Jim – I'm sure I talk for most eCS users that we thank you for donating these two great apps to our community.

Thank you!

04-28-11 – B – 140

The wife and I went to lunch today and in the parking lot was one of those Google Cars that they use to map out the local roads:

So I have two questions:

  1. How much does someone get paid to drive around all day in that thing?

  2. What pickup line does he use pick up girls in that thing?

04-28-11 – A – 139

Are there any OS/2 or eCS Python developers?

It appears that the folks who are now maintaining Python are seriously considering dropping support for OS/2, apparently due to the perceived lack of interest and/or time on their parts. Here's a link to the discussion they've been having about it over the last week or so.


Hence my query. Are there any OS/2 or eCS developers who would wish that Python continue to support our platform(s)? It looks like the Python folks could use some input and assistance towards that end.

From the eComStation Yahoo! Groups

04-25-11 – A – 138

To keep the rhythm of trying to contact people that have done great things but have kinda fallen off the eCS radar, I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to contact Jason Rushton (author of FTPBrowser). All the emails I have on him are broken and I even had a reader give me a number in Canada. I called it and left a message but never heard from him.

This is by far the most frustrating issue because Steven H. Levine has emailed me and told me that if we get the code and permission from Jason, he will start working on FTPBrowser again!!!

If you know how to contact Jason, via email or phone, please contact me so I can hopefully work something out with him. If you somehow have the source code, send that to me also, something will be worked out.

I would love to see such a great eCS app get some updates.

04-24-11 – B – 137

I also resent my email to Brad of Stardock. I will call him next month if I don't hear anything.

04-24-11 – A – 136

I just sent a post to Alt Richmond Inc., the company that bought SNAP, since 2008 I have not heard any news about what they were doing with the software. If I hear anything I will post it:

To Whom it may concern,

I am an eComStation (OS/2) user and I use SNAP. I was excited to hear that you bought the SNAP software in 2008 because I thought you would open source it or update it and charge. Either way I would be a customer.

Can you give me any news of what is happening to such a great piece of software? Thanks!

Craig Miller

04-22-11 – B – 135

I saw this post on craigslist for an IBM T42 laptop, email me if you think it's worth it:

IBM T42 Laptop - 15.1", 1.7Ghz, 768MB RAM, 40GB Hard Drive, DVDROM/CDRW, WiFi, Windows 7, Office 2007 Professional, Microsoft Security Essentials, Antivirus/Antimalware, includes a laptop bag as well as the power cable - $180

Seems high but I don't know...might be a nice eComStation laptop.

04-22-11 – A – 134

All YouTube uploads now in open-source WebM codecM.

Google said Tuesday that it had begun to transcode all new videos on YouTube to the WebM codec, an open source effort supported by Mozilla, Opera, Adobe and others. The technology supports high-quality video using the HTML5 video tag, and is available for use under a royalty-free license.

The site has been at work transcoding YouTube videos in the catalog since Google first open-sourced the VP8 codec -- the basis for WebM -- in May of last year. Currently about 30 percent of all videos that make up about 99 percent of the views on YouTube have been transcoded, Google says.

Support for WebM is still in its infancy: Mozilla just began to support the codec natively with the release of Firefox 4 in late March. Opera added support in May of last year and Chrome has supported WebM since last summer.

In Internet Explorer, a plugin is required to view video. Apple's Safari browser is the only one yet to have an official plugin for WebM although one is in development -- it is likely the Cupertino company itself will not support the codec anytime soon.

You can read more from here: BetaNews

This is great news for us eComStation folks, with Google putting it's weight into WebM, I hope others will soon follow.

04-21-11 – A – 133

3AM in the morning...a Raccoon decided to fall though the screen enclosure of my pool and fall into it. My dog then proceeded to go ape shit crazy. I could not get it out, I opened the doors so it would find its way out hopefully (and it did). So much for getting a good night sleep.

04-20-11 – D – 132

Bjorn Rietdijk just sent me an email telling me he has been using FTPBrowser for ages. Here is how he recommends us adding the patch:

1. Make backup copies of ftpbrows.exe and ftpbtran.exe

2. Copy ftpbrows.exe and ftpbtran.exe to a temporary directory.

3. Make sure ftpbrows.exe and ftpbtran.exe do not have the read-only attribute set...

4. Copy ftpbtran.pat and ftpbrows.pat to the same directory as *.exe files

5. Create a cmd file containing:

lxlite -X+ -B- ftpbrows.exe
patch ftpbrowspatch.pat /a > patchresultbrows.txt
lxlite -X- -B- ftpbrows.exe
lxlite -X+ -B- ftpbtran.exe
patch /a ftpbtranpatch.pat > patchresulttran.txt
lxlite -X- -B- ftpbtran.exe

6. Execute the command file. Check if the two textfiles that have been created contain a message that the patch was successfully applied.

7. Copy ftpbrows.exe and ftpbtran.exe to the FTPBrowser directory and start the program.

04-20-11 – C – 131

Peter Moylan emailed me about my issue with FTPBrowser not saving new sites to the current FTPBADDR.INI and FTPBASSO.INI files. I guess, somehow, the files were set to readme only in the file attributes of the file. I'm not sure how this happened but it happened from the file I downloaded (Hobbes, I think). I am going to leave that part in the review in case someone has the same issue, but I will also put this “fix” in section 6. I have also updated the FTP_Browser_1.71_eCS.zip and uploaded to the BlueNexus site so if you want, re-download it, or fix it on your own.

Thanks Peter, and thanks for everyone reading my reviews and setting me on the right path.

04-20-11 – B – 130

FTPBrowser 1.71 Review is up (and full application download)!

The File Transfer Protocol, more popular among Internet users as FTP, is one of the fundamental network protocols enabling the migration of files between distant machines. It supports the simultaneous transfer of huge data volumes from a PC to a server and vice versa, giving users strong reasons why the Internet has become so flexible today.

So how does this 14 year old application hold up to today's standards? Well, I guess you will just have to read and find out!

Click on the eCS Software link above or if your too lazy to do that, Click here.

04-20-11 – A – 129

FTP turns 40 years old. Good timing for me since I am doing a review on FTPBrowser 1.71 today! You can read more about FTP from here:


04-19-11 – B – 128

So totally off the eComStation trail, Ben Dragon sent a reply to my last post about the “Jersey Shore” cast making $100K per episode, I thought it was pretty interesting, so we are now sharing:

Ah. You haven't studied your Psychology.

If you lay aside your preconceptions and your conditioning for a moment and look at TV in the full light of reality,

(not to be confused with Reality TV), you'll see deeper than the first layer that you allude to above.

Meaning, you can see the first layer now, but you think that's how far that it goes. What you are seeing is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Psychology books written back before TV was released to the public, state openly... and I paraphrase... that soon a medium will be released to the public for the purposes controlling the opinion of the public without them knowing it is being done. This way we can manipulate, or socially engineer, the populace from behind the scenes, controlling every aspect of their behavior.

As an example...

Edward Bernay was the nephew of Sigmund Freud. He was employed for most of his life, by the US government.

From his book "Propaganda":

"We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested largely by men that we have never heard of.

"Whatever attitude one chooses to take toward this condition, it remains a fact that in almost every act of our

daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons--a trifling fraction of our population-- who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is THEY who pull the wires which control the public mind, who harness old social forces, [that is to say "family ties"], and contrive new ways to bind and guide the world."

And there you have it... The contents of the square brackets are mine, not Bernays', but one only has to read him to know that is what he means... manipulating familial values and relationships.

There are buckets of information out there in the psychiatry and psychology world from the 20s, (strong), to the early 70s, (weak). After that it was removed from the those books altogether... for obvious reasons.

So your instincts are good to hate TV...

However, the only real question, (for a person in your position to ask one's self), is "what will I do about it?"

Since you made that post on your website, and since you obviously care for you daughter, I thought that you might like to know a little about what TV really is... and what it is not; It is NOT entertainment. It is, as it boldly calls itself, PROGRAMMING.

In brief, a CIA agent once told me to "NEVER" watch TV.

YOU on your own website, have stated openly why... revealing, but one aspect of it's denigration and manipulation.

BTW... have you noticed that most men no longer have balls?

However this settles upon you, have a good day! 8)

04-19-11 – A – 127

Each cast member of "Jersey Shore" now earns at least a $100,000 dollars an episode.... So when your 17-year-old daughter tells you she wants to go to college and become a teacher, you tell her to go out there, get drunk and start whoring around!

Sigh...I hate TV.

04-17-11 – A – 126

I'm always sad to see a fellow eComStation (OS/2) website end and I think that's what has happened with www.ecomstation.org. If you have ever been there, it was a well done and professional website (unlike this one), that went over eCS-OS/2 news and weird news in general.

I the site has had news up until around two months ago and then just stopped. A few days ago, when you went to the site, it now directs you to the official www.ecomstation.com homepage.

So I raise my beer up to you Piggy. I hope to see you soon, if not though, thanks for the work you did do.

04-16-11 – A – 125

Do you like PacMan? Well if you said yes, prepare to be busy for a long long time. The Worlds largest PacMan game is, well, large. It connects player made levels to each other so you can just keep going and going. I was never able to play it with Firefox 3.5.3 but on version 4 it plays fine.

04-15-11 – A – 124

Firefox 4 officially has been released for eComStation. Do I smell a review in the air?

You can download it from here.

04-14-11 – A – 123

A very interesting article at Ars Technica about what is a CPU thread? I thought it would be an interesting read since CPU threads are talked about in eCS circles.


04-12-11 – A – 122

OK...so this is the first month of the eComStation Calendar! Time to get to work everyone! Today (anytime), you need to spend at least 30 minutes digging though Wikipedia, and if you see a place eCS (OS/2) is missing or needs more info, fill it out.

Some examples are:

  1. See a piece of software that runs on eCS, even the newest version does not, make sure to put something in there saying an older version did support it!

  2. Take the time to post an entirely new page, maybe take one of my reviews and flesh it out, such as PMINews. I won't sue!

  3. Go to the eComStation or OS/2 Wiki page and add to it!

  4. Find pages like this, and make sure eCS is there!

To see what is coming up in the next few months, check out the “My History link”.

04-10-11 – A – 121

Review of an eCS newsgroup reader: PMINews 2.0

PMINews 2.0 was designed for both casual newsgroup users as well as newsgroup junkies. Its powerful features include the ability to search newsgroups for a particular phrase or attribute, offline reading, SPAM filtering, custom address books, Great binary post handling, and a lot more! PMINews 2.0 does it all, but does it do it well?

Click here to read (and download) the full version on PMINews 2.0

04-09-11 – C – 120

I had to try a few things with Firefox 4 (pre), especially WebM.

Now I have to see if YouPorn.com supports WebM!

Boy was I happy to see that I can now view YouTube! I have never, NEVER, been able to use this site with eCS! And while the video was not as smooth as I would like it, and the sound would stop if eCS made a noise anytime during the viewing, it is a major step forward! Great job Firefox eCS team, here is hoping the final version is out soon!

04-09-11 – B – 119

I finally got Firefox 4.0pre working on my computer! I just want to put a shout out to TeLLie from the #eCoLabs IRC channel, a big thank you for walking me though it. I am now able to start looking it over for my review. Buah, bye Firefox 3.5.3!

04-09-11 – A – 118

eCo Market just came out with an update that now gives the user the ability to easily send a message to the author of a particular application you download from eCo Market (from their post):

It's not easy to compose good email for the developer of favorite application, you can spend much time to formulate and edit the letter. Not all users are able to do this, that's why the developers don't get enough feedback.

We integrated new feature to eCo Market: "I like it" command. Every user can download updated application and send appreciation message to the developer via eCo Market.

Sometimes the developers need such short messages (SMS), not long bug-reports.

Screenshot: Sending SMS to the developer of favorite application:

eCo Market homepage: http://ecomstation.ru/ecomarket

I think this is a fantastic mechanism to get a quick message to whomever is writing an application you like. It motivates them and shows that people use and enjoy their work. I highly suggest downloading it just for that feature alone (though there are many good features).

04-08-11 – A – 117

Os/2 News and Rumors site had their Java news post featured at OSNews, which, if you have never been to that site, is all about a local location that gathers news of all Operating Systems (including cell phones). Surprisingly, the comments are even positive, which in the past seem, angry...like, we owe them money angry.

So here is the post and great job again getting OSNews to share with their views what the eCS community is doing.

Make sure to keep spreading the word, if you have news, send it to me, or one of the other great OS/2 – eCS news sites, send it to OSNews, and other places I don't know about. Make noise.

04-07-11 – B – 116

Updated the GTIRC Review (Section 6) with some information on other eCS IRC clients that I became aware of after a concerned reader emailed me. Check it out when you can, email me if you have additional news to share with me (us).

04-07-11 – A – 115

Things seem stable at the moment. After this last install I have been installing only things I am using such as OpenOffice, PMMail, PMIView, and one or two other little apps. I will add one or two apps a day to see how it goes.

The last thing I installed was the new Java, I wanted to take it for a test drive but I am pretty slow and could not figure it out. I'm too used to install programs I guess. I did get some good advice so once I feel confident that the crashing is done, I will continue with more aggressive installs.

04-06-11 – B – 114

Reinstalled. This time though, no archiving, I will wait until eCS 2.1 or 3.0 come out.

04-06-11 – A – 113

Sigh...for some odd reason last night, Archiving failed again and froze my computer. I again went to the maintenance desktop and removed the archives so when it rebooted, I chose the last saved archive and it gave an error, ignored archiving and making an archiving, thus turning it off so I could get back to the desktop. I messed around for awhile then turned it off. This morning I turned it on to find that on bootup, it would freeze the second the desktop came on. I tried a few times and nothing worked. I have no idea what is happening but I'm getting slightly pissed.

04-05-11 – B – 112

While Firefox 4 is not even out for eComStation, there are already rumors about Firefox 5. A post in the Newsgroups sent me to a very interesting link:


According to this source, Firefox 5 will have an integrated pdf viewer to go along with the WebM video viewer that is already integrated into Firefox 4. This is great news for the non-mainstream platforms like eCS.

From the article, Firefox 5 will also will extend this capability to more popular file formats, including MP3.

04-05-11 – A – 111

eComStation Software Version Comparison list has been updated:

1. Adobe Reader was updated to 10.0.2 (Win, Mac, Linux)
2. Firefox was updated to 4.0 (Win, Mac, Linux)
3. MySQL has been updated to 5.5.10 (Win, Mac, Linux)
4. MySQL has been updated to 5.1 (eCS)
5. PHP has been updated to 5.3.6 (Win, Mac, Linux)

Besides no Firefox 4.0 for eCS (which makes me a sad panda), nothing major this month. Please remember, if you see something missing, make sure to send me an email!

04-02-11 – A – 110

Warpstock, Europe, is coming soon (May 6-8th, so get there if you live even semi close). One thing I noticed, and surprisingly, that I have not heard anyone bring up yet, was that one of the presentations is on eComStation 3.0 (Click here to see it). So, that freaking rocks if you ask me, I mean eComStation 2.1 is not even out.

I'm not sure what it means, since the description is short and cryptic. It is nice that there seems to be long term goals for our beloved OS though.

04-01-11 – A – 109

GTIRC 3.06 is the first review for April! Great...what is GTIRC?

GTIRC (GammaTech Internet Relay Chat) is a multi-user, multi-channel chatting system. This software allows you to sit in front of your computer and "chat" through typed messages with either one person or many other people from all over the Internet, in real time! It's like old school texting.

IRC is based on a client-server model. You run a client program on your own computer which connects you to a server computer on the Internet. These servers link to many other servers to make up an IRC network, which transport messages from one user (client) to another. In this manner, people from all over the world can talk to each other live and simultaneously.

How does GTIRC hold up compared to applications like MIRC and Firefox's ChatZilla? Click HERE to read the review!

03-31-11 – C – 108

I am happy to announce that, after a brief vacation of news/reviews, the website OS/2 Notes has just posted a review of Java 6 (RC2)!, it's a great website for some in-dept reviews of cutting edge software that can run on eComStation (OS/2). Bookmark the site, and if you forget, I have added a link to it in the icon section of the BlueNexus homepage.

03-31-11 – B – 107

If its not broke don't fix it.

This month I am very excited to bring three reviews to you. Tomorrow will be the first. I won't spoil the surprise and tell you what they are but maybe you can guess. In light of Firefox 4.0 someday this year soon coming to eComStation, I wanted to do reviews on native eComStation Internet applications that work with, not against Firefox 4.

I am excited to push them out but I have to wait like you. I was taking a gamble on this because I have no idea when Firefox 4.0 will be out for eComStation, I know the latest release is version is 4.0pre that just came out a few days ago, so I am hoping the good team will have it out soon. I do salute them and thank them for all their work, because lets be honest, without Firefox 4.0, we would be dead in the water.

I wanted to tell you though, I am learning much about eCS, the applications, and the protocols over the last few months, I know I will never be to the level of many of you but at least my confidence is growing and the training wheels are about off. It does take time and this is a growing experience that I am glad to enjoy, and I hope pass this excitement to people reading my reviews.

The biggest thing I have learned, by far, is that eComStation has a solid application base on many programs. They just work, they are fast, and they conform to today's standards even thought they were crafted over a decade ago.

I am a big supporter of keeping eComStation software versions in line with the Windows/Apple/Linux counterparts, and while this is not always possible, I think we hold our own. With the next three reviews, you will see, sometimes, this is not the case though. If the application is written correctly, fully supports the standards it was made for, and is visual pleasing to the masses (not just some of you command prompt only freaks), then there is no reason to upgrade for the sake of upgrading.

And while these programs are not perfect, they only need some fine tuning, tweaks, not full version numbers to get working.

After these three reviews, I have two other reviews being done that are also Internet based and that also compliment Firefox 4 and eComStation. I don't think they are as polished as these first three, but there is promise, and one is being worked on currently and the other is looking for a new home. So there is hope they will get to where this months apps are. They will be done but the end of the month, but what I am really hoping is that Firefox 4.0 final comes out because I cannot wait to get my hands on it and review our new browser. I am running a copy of Firefox 4 on my Windows machine that sits right next to my eComStation one, so I can do a blow by blow review, and there will be no pulled punches.

If you use eComStation on a computer, or on a virtual box, you are an eComStation user. Read my reviews, download the apps, use them. Get involved. At the end of the April you will have the tools to do just that.

03-31-11 – A – 106

Decided to increase the font size of the home page, over time I will go over all the other pages and change them, I hope this makes it easier for people to read.

03-29-11 – A – 105

Rich Walsh has posted in comp.os.os2.apps on 28 Mar 2011 02:11:25 GMT

New betas of Firefox and Seamonkey have been released. They include a significant change in the way the Places and Cookies databases are handled. Because there are compatibility issues with earlier versions of these apps, please read this entire announcement.

* Firefox v4.0pre:




* Seamonkey v2.1b3pre:





Thanks to a major effort by Ruediger Ihle, OS/2-eCS's version of SQLite now supports a feature that lets multiple threads access a database at the same time ("WAL journalling"). The betas from 2011/02/10 lacked this support, causing URL bar autocompletion to fail in both browsers and sometimes caused Firefox to take several minutes to load a page.

This new feature is only used for the Cookies and Places (i.e. history) databases and will be standard in Firefox 4.0 and Seamonkey 2.1. Its use does have a major drawback: these databases will NOT be compatible with earlier versions of FF or SM after you use these betas. HOWEVER, each beta includes a REXX script, 'dbrestore.cmd', that will restore compatibility. See 'Notes' (below) for details.


  • Clipboard: The apps no longer copy to the clipboard during shutdown.

  • Icons: The corruption in Seamonkey's icons has been fixed.

  • Print Dialog: A bug that could cause a crash when accessing a printer's

  • Properties dialog has been fixed.

Previous Enhancements

Video: Dramatic reductions in CPU usage will be seen when viewing OGG videos, and to a lesser extent, WebM videos. Overall video performance should be noticeably improved for SNAP and GenGradd users running their displays in full-color mode, thanks to the implementation of DIVE.

Printing Support: All native printer drivers will work if their output resolution is set to 600 DPI or less. Mozilla's built-in Postscript support is also available for use, as is its PDF support. Please read PRINTING.txt in the exe's directory for details.

Memory Management: With a few trivial exceptions, the Mozilla apps no longer use any shared memory beyond what is needed to load their dlls. Problems that have been attributed to low or no shared memory should not occur.

Font Selection: The apps should do a better job of selecting DBCS fonts and fonts with less common font weights such as "Thin" or "Heavy".

Copy Link Location: A bug that caused characters to be deleted from URLs when using the 'Copy Link Location' menu item has been fixed.

Exceptq Support: If the app crashes, Exceptq v7.1 will beep and then create an exception report containing details of the crash. You can send these reports to <crashATe-vertiseDOTcom>. If you would prefer not to create these reports, add "SET NSPR_NO_EXCEPTQ=Y" to config.sys.


Both apps will occasionally "smear" the video when scrolling. In most cases, the easiest workaround is to resize the window slightly to force its redisplay.



Database Compatibility

Before using these betas, open your Profile directory and make backups of 'places.sqlite' and 'cookies.sqlite'. Also, copy 'dbrestore.cmd' from the main directory to the Profile directory for later use.

To use earlier versions of FF or SM after using these betas, open your Profile directory and run 'dbrestore.cmd'. It will report whether it was successful; running it multiple times will not cause any harm.

If you forget to run the script before opening an earlier version of FF or SM, the app will add ".corrupt" to the filenames, and then create new empty versions of these files. To recover, delete or rename the new files, remove the ".corrupt" extension from the original files, then run the script.

Note: After using these betas, cookies.sqlite and places.sqlite will probably be much larger than they used to be. The apps appear to add a lot of empty space to avoid having to expand the files while in use.


DIVE lets an app bypass PM's graphics subsystem and write directly to your video card's memory. This improves display speed but can cause problems on some systems. Use the following to disable DIVE:

- uncheck "Use hardware acceleration when available".

In Firefox, it's on the Options dialog's 'Advanced->General' tab.

In Seamonkey, this is in Preferences under 'Appearance->Content'.

- start the app in "safe mode" (use "/safe-mode" on the command line)

- add "SET MOZ_ACCELERATED=0" to config.sys.

If the mouse pointer disappears when starting the app, you can use

"SET MOZ_ACCELERATED=1" to override automatic detection of how your video driver displays the pointer.


Community support for these betas and all Mozilla apps is available through the newsgroups 'mozilla.dev.ports.os2' or 'comp.os.os2.apps'.

Messages posted to other forums may not be seen by the developers.

03-28-11 – F – 104

I'm back in business and damn is eCS fast, no idea what I installed last time but I will be more careful this round. I was more cautious this time with the install of eCS, ACPI and UNIAUD were not installed (UNIAUD was after though, newer version).

Changed my desktop and updated the home screen, enjoy that new view boys.

03-28-11 – E – 103


03-28-11 – D – 102

So eComStation reboots after the install with around 10 missing lines in the config.sys, it brings up my old desktop that brings me hope, but then I have no mouse, still no eCenter bar, and some other issues. Crap, I think I might be doing a fresh install.

03-28-11 – C – 101

Blah, my eCS just crashed hard, I rebooted and things are just acting funky, actually they have been for a week or two but I have been ignoring it. Now the eCenter bar is not coming up, and it's all slow, freezing up, taking three or four tries to boot up correctly, etc. I'm not sure what happened, can't be all the crap I have been installing.

Anyways, I was hoping to wait for eComStation 2.1 but that can't happen now. I am reinstalling eCS 2.0 now over the old copy, hopefully it will keep all the settings so I don't have to do much.

03-28-11 – B – 100

Os2world.com turns 11 years old (something like 253 years in Internet time). Gezus! Happy Birthday guys!

03-28-11 – A – 099

Burn baby burn!

I was reading my Nook last night and the wife was watching TV. I guess she was wanting a snack so she made something that needed to go in the toaster. It smelled pretty good and I was going to get up, but, mah...to lazy.

Next thing I know my wife rushes in the room. Telling me the toaster caught on fire. Not only did it catch on fire, she ripped the fire extinguisher off the wall to put it out. Of course, the extinguisher failed to work.

Lucky, she was able to unplug the toaster and put it outside.

Hon, I know you wanted a new toaster, but damn!

03-27-11 – B – 098

Messing around with some stuff tonight, I decided to connect my B&N Nook to my USB hub. I was happily surprised to find out that eComStation could see it. Not so happy that it could not read it. It's a step forward though.

From what I can find, the drive is formatted in FAT32, 2 gigs total, I have the FAT32 drivers installed so I am not sure what is up. It would be fun if I could get this working, I will keep digging.

03-27-11 – A – 097

I have gotten some nice email from people wishing me good luck on the site, and they enjoy my rants, shouting, pissing about blog. Today, I got one of the best emails about an awesome site's admin considering a reboot on his site because of this site. I'm not saying names (yet) but if he does, it's great news for every eCS and OS/2 user. I raise my beer to you, mysterious admin person and I hope I can post the site soon! If not, well, I'm still drinking my beer.

03-26-11 – A – 096

Not a lot of news right now and I am busy doing some reviews. So here is an article I read here lately that I found funny, if your over 35, you will too:

25 More Terrible (Or Awesome) Breakfast Cereals

03-23-11 – A – 095

One of the things I try to do is contact developers of old software and see if they will work with me on their software. Sometimes I win...sometimes...well...I get disappointed.


Subject: OS/2 Version of ZOC

Is this product still being sold?

From: Craig Miller



if you buy a current version and then contact me I can give you a license code that will work also with the old OS/2 version.


Markus Schmidt
EmTec, Innovative Software



OK, thanks for the update! Let me ask a question. I run www.bluenexus.net, and I have been doing software reviews for eComstation, that's why I actually

contacted EmTec, to see if it was for sale still or what the status of it was. If it is for sale still, or not actually, I was thinking of doing a review of it. I know the eCS version is older then the Windows (or Mac) versions but I think it is still a good program and could be of interest.

So right now ZOC for eCS (OS/2) I guess in maintenance mode? Is there a direct way to buy it anymore or is this the best path? Is 4.15 the absolute newest version? Is there anything to add, that I have not asked?

Thank you for the quick response!

Craig Miller



I think Mensys still has them officially in their catalog.

Regarding the version v4.15 is the latest that works for OS/2. It should be pretty okay because it's the last of a version cycle, i.e. the last of the 4.xx versions (for both OS/2 and Windows) and these tend to be very stable. However, it is from 2004 and has not been updated ever since (I'm not even sure if I still could compile it, our last OS/2 is living in a virtual PC image somewhere), so I'm not sure what eComStation looks like today and if it still works.

If you want some background. ZOC dates back to 1996 and was among the first OS/2 comm programs (I forgot the names but I think there was only one fullscreen/text-mode and one graphical terminal client). The first dual platform version appeared around 2000 (Windows and OS/2) and with version 5 we went Windows-only. With version 6 it's dual platform again (now Windows and MacOS) and a couple of times a year someone on the Mac platform contacts us and tells us that they remember the time back from the good old OS/2 days.

Hope this helps

EmTec, Innovative Software

Markus was very nice to email me and give me some history but being honest, I can get the old version (version 4.15 for OS/2) if I buy a windows copy (version 6.28) for $79.99? It won't ever be updated and they don't even really have a copy of it? Hummm...I think that money would be spent better on Java1.6 or the VirtualBox port.

03-22-11 – B – 094

Firefox 4.0 finally finished and freed (For Win, Mac, and Linux).

The developers at Mozilla have released the final version of Firefox 4 after over eight months in beta. The new version boasts a streamlined user interface and support for various HTML5 features. Other new features include Panorama, a new way to manage multiple tabs; app tabs, smaller persistent tabs for frequently used web applications; Sync, a web-based bookmarks (and more) synchronization service; and, an integrated web developer console.

Under the hood, Firefox 4 includes Jaeger Monkey, a faster JavaScript engine; hardware accelerated rendering and a new Add-on SDK which allows for updates without restarting the browser. There are also privacy protection features such as the "Do Not Track" header which is sent to web sites to request that the site does not track the user's activity; this has yet to be implemented by any sites but is part of various proposals to the US authorities to address privacy issues.

I'm not sure where the eComStation version is but I am dieing to get my hands on it.

To celebrate version 4 coming out (hopefully soon) have a big surprise for everyone! For at least the next three reviews (might be four, I am waiting on a group to get back with me). They are all about native eComStation Internet applications you can use with Firefox!

This will also give me time to get Firefox 4 for eComStation (I hope) before all of the reviews are out, and give me time to review Firefox 4 for eComStation!

03-22-11 – A – 093

I wish I had an update to my letter to Stardock and Brad Wardell, but I have seen nothing come across my email. I had actually emailed him twice. Honestly, I am not surprised as much as I am disappointed (still deciding at who though).

What I am surprised about is the amount of email I have received from everyone else either giving me tips on what to do IF Brad connects with me, or that they have tried the same thing with no luck, or wishing me (us) luck in breaking though. This just makes me want to get a comments section under each post going.

So where does it go from here? Well, I will send him the same email every other week. I am also going to send it too tech support, and if that doesn't work, Stardock does have a phone number I can call. I'm not saying it's a good plan...just a plan. Heck, I would consider it a win if I was just able to talk to him (or email) and get his side, but without dialog it is pretty frustrating.

And if he never contact me with all my emails and calls? Well, if you have not noticed, I do eComStation reviews, and for software that is abandoned, I review it and send out the full version so it does not fade away.

So Brad, if I don't hear from you but Christmas, please visit my site then, because I will one hell of a review posted.

03-21-11 – A – 092

OK, so in the “My Historylink of this site sucks. I had a spot for Web Site Updates, I thought it was a good idea so I can see when I do updates to the site.

Ya, not so much, dumb idea, so was a version number for the site. I'm sure none of you gave a crap what version number the site is, or when I change something in the “background” of BlueNexus. Hell, I didn't even care.

I have a MUCH better idea though.

The eComStation community is a lot of things, helpful with each other, wanting eCS to grow, and we have a small yet solid, loyal base of users.

We are also very unorganized when it comes to doing things as a group.

If you know anything about me from reading this site and the “What can you do?” page, you know I think if you use eComStation, then you are part of a group that must do something to help grow the community. I know people are busy, I am to, but I think everyone here agrees that they can give 30 minutes a month to contribute, we will all benefit.

With that, I have replaced the “Web Site Updates” with “Your eComStation Calendar”.

Every month, on the 12th, everyone looks at what we are scheduled to do, and spend 30 minutes doing it. I really don't want to hear any excuses. I have posted this in the “My History” link already but I am also posting it here:




Wikipedia Blitz!
30 Minutes checking Wikipedia and if you see a place eCS (OS/2) is missing or needs more info, fill it out.


Email a developer day!
You like your eCS software?!? I'm sure you do, and I'm sure whomever is writing that code would love to hear from you! Write them and tell them why you use their software and thank them!


Open that Abandoned Program!
There are some awesome eCS apps/games out there but unfortunately the author is either AOL, just stopped development, or thought no one used it. Email them (maybe find an email in the readme) telling why you like their app, and ask them if they plan to continue, if not, ask them to open it up to the eCS so it is not lost forever.


Donate Money!
That kid in a 3rd world does not to eat as much as you need to donate to an eCS development team. How much? $5.00 a month, and were on month 4...cough up $20.00 or do not pass go! If you do not know who to donate to, head over to the “What can I do?” link or email me. Remember, it takes money to have great apps. No one likes a cheap ass!


Join the eCS Community!
So you read my site and a few others, cruse silently though the newsgroups, and when you log into IRC you type nothing? This month I want you to get out of your shell and join Yahoo! Groups or www.os2world.com forums and have a voice! If you like eCS, then talk about it, if eCS is pissing you off, then talk about it, if your hemorrhoids are flaring up again, I don't want to know.


Wikipedia Blitz!
30 Minutes checking Wikipedia and if you see a place eCS (OS/2) is missing or needs more info, fill it out.


Email a developer day!
You like your eCS software?!? I'm sure you do, and I'm sure whomever is writing that code would love to hear from you! Write them and tell them why you use their software and thank them!


What are you going to ask Santa for? Do you want BlueTooth drivers for eCS? Maybe a new port of your favorite Windows app? How about fix a big that has been there since OS/2 3.0? Email me, I will compile them and post the requests to the BlueNexus home site and send them to Mensys. They need and want to know.


Donate Money!
Happy Holidays! Now that you have spent that money on everyone else, time to buy yourself that eCS app/game you always wanted. If your happy with what you have, donate that money to an eCS development group. Can't remember who to donate to? Head over to the “What can I do?” link or email me. Don't be a Grinch, $25.00 minimum!

I will remind everyone on the 12
th what is due. Don't disappoint me.

03-20-11 – A – 091

OS2World.com Bounty System News

Posted by Martin Iturbide - Sunday, 20 March 2011

There are some news on the OS2World.com bounty system. Keep reading...

OS/2 native port of Java 6


The Java 6 port to OS/2-eCS bounty had been claimed by Silvan Scherrer and his OpenJDK 6 port.

You can visit the project (binaries and source code) at: http://svn.netlabs.org/java

We had closed this bounty and paid the $340 prize we had accumulated.

The Java 6 port still needs your help with funding. You can keep sponsoring this port at:

VLC port Bounty


KO Myung-Hun had requested to claim this prize for his VLC port to OS2-eCS.

His software port (Binaries and source code changelog) are available at hobbes:


Currently the bounty prize is USD $95. If anybody is willing to chip in for the prize before the bounty close (in aprox one week) please visit the following page and use the paypal button:


You can comment this bounty at the Forum at:


Other Bounties


I will like to remind you all the Bounties that are open at OS2World.com.

As an sponsor you can also donate prize money.

Visit: http://www.os2world.com/bounties

* Icon routines in OS/2 ($310)
* OS2 & eCS kernel ($300.05)
* Virtual Box port ($292)
* SAGE OS/2-eCS Port ($225)
* Extend multimedia support for OS2 & eCS ($235)
* GemPlus PC400 driver support ($215)
* OpenWengo port ($185)
* Common File Open/Save Dialog ($180)
* SWTSwing ($175)
* TrueCrypt port ($150)
* Skype for OS/2 ($130)
* Eclipse.org Standard Windowing Toolkit (SWT) OS/2 Port ($125)
* Universal Webcam drivers ($110)
* USB extended keyboard driver ($105)
* Port of FreeMat ($100)
* PCMCIA USB 2.0 cards drivers ($100)
* Maul XHTML import handler ($100)
* VLC player Port ($95)
* Firewire Driver Development ($50)
* Porting free gnat ADA 2005 compiler on OS/2 ($50)
* Native OS/2 Port of Lotus Notes 8.5 ($50)
* General Win32 Plugin for Mozilla/Firefox ($50)
* OS/2 device drivers for Minolta filmscanners ($50)
* GTK+ 2.x (The GIMP Toolkit) port ($30)
* Porting AbiWord ($25)
* Intel Wired Gigabit Ethernet Driver e1000e port ($13)

The Rules

We had updated the Bounty Rules and are available for you to read at:


To suggest a new bounty visit also.


Plus, every bounty has a forum thread when users and developers can post comments and discuss it.


You may also contact me directly at martin -at- os2world.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Thanks to all the Bounty Sponsors.

03-19-11 – A – 090

Doing some general searching lead me to Wikibooks, I never heard of it. I've heard of Wikipedia, of course, so I guess this site is a natural extension of it. Wikibooks focuses on open-content textbooks. Going deeper I found another interesting link to: A Neutral Look at Operating Systems

The purpose of this “book” is to provide a neutral view of as many Operating Systems as possible. This book strives to provide solid information on Operating Systems without the ever-prevalent "distribution/Operating System bias".

Of course I am going to look for OS/2 and eComStation. OS/2 was there but not eComStation, so if any of you technical people out there have nothing to watch on TV tonight, adding eComStation and/or beefing up OS/2 would help our cause.

And if not, they also have an awesome cookbook.

03-18-11 – A – 089

I finally was able to connect with Yuri Prokushev via email, he had some comments about the article and about the code:

Ok. Some comments about article and current codebase.

Device detection (tree of devices on your screen shots) was first attempt to show true devices info, not based on res manager but based on SMBIOS information. RESMGR was used as helper for extra info. So, I have draft of SMBIOS information classes and I very interested to make SMBIOS information library to be more powerful. If you can find person who will continue develop this module then SysInfo/2 can become more powerful and report much more devices info in comparison with the current one. I started to implement SMBIOS (and other BIOS tables info) but stopped it from no time. I can help and instruct new maintainer about various BIOS information tables and so on.


a) License must be BSD (as SysInfo/2).

b) All sources must be shared with me and Alex (at least)

I think Alex will be interested to have SMBIOS information tables too because only tables access is different. I have OS/2 and Windows specific code for SMBIOS tables access, If Alex will add Linux specific part of code then it will be great to have common library for all systems.

As of SysInfo itself. Current SysInfo has one serious bug – multimedia subsystem information gathering. This is most problematic part.”

So I am hoping someone will be interested in updating the code to such a great program, if you want to try your hand in something that would be highly beneficial, please contact me and I will connect you with Yuri and Alex.

03-17-11 – B – 088

Know what pisses me off? This crap:

10 best alternative operating systems:


I mean, seriously, this article, that was just posted a few days ago does not have eComStation, BUT has Jnode, DexOS, and KolibriOS?!!?

Those OS's barely do anything, and have almost zero apps, no drivers, no backwards compatibility, nothing...

This article was written by some idiot named PC Plus and all I can say to him/her is before you write another article do your homework. What an ass.

03-17-11 – A – 087

Mozilla To release Firefox 4 March 22

According to a post on the mozilla.dev.planning Google Group by Mozilla Senior Director of Engineering, Damon Sicore, the ship date for the stable version of Firefox 4, Tuesday 22 March, has been approved by Mozilla's IT and Marketing teams. Sicore notes that, should the developers discover any last-second blocker bugs that would prevent the final release, a second release candidate would be issued "as soon as possible" and the ship date would be reset. So far, the first RC has "received a very warm welcome", said Sicore.


I'm excited because the eCS group doing the Firefox port has been very quick to update and keep up with the Windows version. I see no difference this time, so hopefully we will also see Firefox 4 very soon.

03-15-11 – A – 086

Sysinfo/2 (version 0.8.26) is a program which gathers as much possible information about the configuration of eComStation, the drivers of devices, productivity, speed, etc. Subsequently, it was intended to be developed as a collection of system utilities on the example of the popular application at that time from Symantec, System Utilities. Over time the idea was to develop and to include an in packet editor, an optimizer for the hard drive, a graphic editor for system tuning, and so on. This really has not paned out because it seems whomever was coding Sysinfo/2 has gone AOL.

So does version 0.8.26 work well enough with the tools it has? Or is it a mess of half baked apps that is not worth your hard drive space? Let's find out together in my review of Sysinfo/2 for eComStation!

Click here to see the review!

03-13-11 – A – 085

I just emailed Brad Wardell from Stardock about opening Object Desktop for OS/2. I am posting this also in the yahoo groups to see what everyone will say about it (you can find the post at the top of this page by clicking the “Y” icon). I am hoping to hear something from him, if and when I do, I will pass the news to everyone. Here with fingers crossed.

03-12-11 – A – 084

With the impending release of Firefox 4.0, I want to write a series of reviews based on other Internet apps that are Native to eCS (I will be writing a review on Firefox 4.0 also).

I have an FTP app, NewsReader (Hopefully), Email, and IRC Client, if anyone has recommendations on one of these apps, thinks I should add an app, or your a programmer with one of these you want me to showcase, send me an email. Native eCS only for now please.

With that...if anyone knows a little bird with some numbers for PMINews 2.0...please point me to it so I can take a picture. =)

03-11-11 – A – 083

I updated my uniaud to version 1.9.25 and Beta 2.1.2...and meh...same sound issues with all the games and WinOS/2. Better luck next time.

03-10-11 – B – 082

Uniaud updated: stable 1.9.25 and Beta 2.1.2.

David Azarewicz has updated Uniaud to v1.9.25 and the Beta 2.1.2 version. Uniaud is the Universal Audio Driver for eComStation and OS/2 which is a Netlabs project. It is based on the Linux ALSA project. The 2.1.x versions are based on the newer ALSA but they are classified as beta releases and have known problems which have yet to be fixed. The 1.9.x versions do not have the problems that the 2.1.x versions do. Both versions work on my T61, and with this update my Intel 3945abg wireless card works on Resume, so there must have been a conflict with sound that prevented before.

Download see http://svn.netlabs.org/uniaud

I will update my eComStation 2.0 system for my next review (15th March).

03-10-11 – A – 081

Mozilla Firefox 4 Release Candidate for Windows, Mac and Linux Now Available. Firefox version 3.6.15 is now available for eCS. I'm counting the days until 4.0 is here.

03-08-11 – A – 080

So I don't want anyone to think eComStation is harder to install then...lets say Windows Vista, I had something happen to me yesterday I would like to share with you.

While I was writing one of my reviews I had my WindowsXP machine running also, not doing much of anything. Suddenly, I heard this “crunching” sound, it was pretty bad. I looked over at my Windows XP screen and it was showing all this garbage text.

This is not the first time I have heard this so I just shut it down and rebooted. This time though, I could not get it up and running again.

I figured out quickly that it was the hard drive, it's an old Maxtor 80 gig and I was surprised it lasted as long as it did. I had some data on it that I wanted (just windows specific apps) so I wanted to see if I could save it. My brother, always my hookup on all things computers, gave me some hard drives he was not using anymore from work. I had three Samsung 160 GB hard drives and I simply removed the 80 gig drive and installed a 160 GB.

Since I had to install the OS again and I needed to install Windows (for work), I though I would try Windows Vista.

Don't look at Vista...look at the beer...hummm...beer...

If you need to see the specs of my WindowsXP machine (Main), please scroll up and click on the “My Computer” link (minus the 80 GB HD). Nothing special, but for the life of me I could not get Vista to work on that machine. I tried three network cards and it never found any of them. They were not old either, Vista is just a pain and there were no drives it. It would also not see my video card, and had some issues with the motherboard.

I just gave up, I reinstalled Windows XP and went on my merry way. One thing that I did though was install VirtualBox 4.04. It ran great and, oddly enough, I installed Windows XP again (work) because some apps have a date stamp and when they run out...I just copy the installed Virtual WinXP.

It made me think that once eComStation 2.1 comes out, I will, of course, install it on this computer, but also in VirtualBox and write a review for both. It will be time consuming but fun.

The moral of the story is that if you are having problems installing eComStation 2.0 on your computer, it can be worse, it can be Windows Vista.

03-07-11 – A – 079

Mensys has written a news letter on what is happening with eComStation and promises to have more newsletters that will be delivered in a more timely fashion.

eComStation 2 status update:

Following a major undertaking, with many alpha, beta and semi-gold versions, eComStation 2.0 GA was released last year at Warpstock Europe 2010.

Since eComStation 1.2R close to 1.000 bugs were resolved and a lot of new features have been introduced, the most important being the support for modern hardware with ACPI, multi-core CPUs and the Panorama video driver. Other new features include the Bootable JFS filesystem, a major overhaul of the preboot menu, Samba network support including a neat GUI and the list goes on.

A lot of people have been anticipating localized versions of eComStation 2.0 GA, the German release being considered the most important.

Of course, you should expect nothing less than a timely release of the GA product in all possible languages. However, despite numerous betas and Release Candidates, we ran into some "interesting" issues¹ when eComStation 2.0 was deployed on more systems than had participated in the test cycle.

It has been decided to update some of the core features to provide a workaround for these issues before releasing the localized GA versions. This means that the German, Dutch and Italian versions of eComStation 2 will become available in a fresh and completely up-to-date version of 2.1*!

We trust that by providing you with this updated version you will have a better experience with installing and using eComStation. We hope that you will forgive us the extra delay this has caused.

You can read more here: http://www.ecomstation.com/newsletter/2011/03/07/

*If you notice, they talk about version 2.1, where I have heard it called 2.0.1. It would have been nice to see a date or even what would be added besides accumulative fixes. If they do update the newsletter more often then I hope we will see better information in the near future.

03-06-11 – B – 078

The same person also hooked us up with the missing Links for OS/2 courses I have been looking for! I have updated the Courses page and I believe we have them all. I also made a link to one file to download that has them all, it's of course bigger, but now you don't have to click on each course to expand your play time. You can click HERE to jump to the Links for OS/2 courses page.

03-06-11 – A – 077

A very thoughtful reader sent me a link for additional Maps and Markets for Entrepreneur for OS/2, as well a map maker! I have made a new web page to house all this information, that is connected from the review. If you are at the Entrepreneur for OS/2 review page you will notice it to the left. You can also click HERE.

03-05-11 – A – 076

It's the 5th so that means it's time to update the eComstation Software Version Comparison List.

This month, we have seen Adobe Reader get a small update to 10.0.1, Firefox to 3.6.15, Thunderbird got a small bump to 3.1.9, QT had a small release to 4.7.2, MySQL also had a small update to 5.5.9 (the eCS version went up to 5.1.55), Adobe Flash went up to 10.2, Virtualbox was updated to 4.0.4, Java was updated, and Java (Windows and Linux) have been updated to Version 6, update 24.

These updates are all for Windows, Apple, Linux, unless you see a special note for either eCS or if only one or two of the other OS's were updated.

I update this list monthly so general users and programers can see what eCS needs to stay competitive with what I consider “Core” Software.

If you see something incorrect, or you think something needs to be added, please email me!

03-04-11 – A – 075

I have to admit, I have been a little busy for the first three days of this month to add any news and honestly, there was not much out there anyways. Yesterday though, there was big news...huge news..so big, I could not write about it last night...because...well...I was way to inebriated to do much of anything.

I have a Kegarator, not as cool as the Gamerator, but it does the job well. One of my favorite beers is called Arrogant Bastard Ale, It's a dark and heavy beer, and it's pricy. I have only seen it in bottles.

So to my crazy surprise I found that they had a keg of it at my local spirits shop I almost fainted (girl scream and all).

I had to get permission from the wife because it cost twice as much as my normal keg, I got the “go” and so now I am enjoying its yummy flavor (it's way better in a keg then a bottle)...I am writing this now because tonight will be the same way =)

03-01-11 – A – 074

Welcome to March 2011! Today there is a new review, Entrepreneur for OS/2!

Entrepreneur for OS/2 is a real time multiplayer or single player strategy game in which you must build a global corporate empire while competing against ruthless opponents. Create new technologies, manufacture them faster than your opponents, and try to make sure your marketing can fend off the nasty rumors your competitors may spread.

Does Entrepreneur for OS/2 do a good job of keeping you excited about economics? That is a question you will have to learn for yourself, click here to find out!

02-28-11 – B – 073

Tomorrow's review is done and it will be up soon. I'm getting some nice comments and I appreciate it! If you are a programmer and want your software reviewed, send me an email, I want to hear from you! If your a user and want me to look at some software or have some ideas, send me an email!

Is everyone seeing a pattern yet?

02-28-11 – A – 072

I'm a little late with news but SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) version 1.0.22 has been ported (2/26/2011) to eComStation (OS/2). Many SCSI and USB scanners from Microtek, Epson, HP, Mustek, Umax, and more are known to be working with this package; if yours works and isn't on the list, let Paul know the details. Note that this updated version may not work with Tame/2, the GUI front end. - www.os2world.com

You can get it here: http://smedley.info/os2ports/index.php?page=sane-for-os-2

I need to try this out and do a review for it, that Epson Workforce 610 of mine has a nice scanner.

02-26-11 – A – 071

VICE is an emulator collection which emulates the C64, the C64-DTV, the C128, the VIC20, almost all PET models, the PLUS4 and the CBM-II (aka C610). The new version, 2.3 is out. You can find out more information about the project, and download the software from here: http://vice-emu.sourceforge.net/

02-25-11 – A – 070

This morning I turned on my eCS computer and it booted up per normal, but when the archiving function went into action the whole computer locked up!

I had archiving turned on since I installed eCS for every two days and 9 archives total, with no issues. All of a sudden it locks up every time I boot up eCS!

After booting up a few times and figuring out I was getting no where, I hit Alt-F1 on boot up and went to the maintenance desktop. I looked around but found nothing wrong. I even right clicked on the desktop and went to properties to turn it off there but it already was. So, I guess they have two different properties...bummer.

I rebooted and eCS locked up again.

This time I hit Alt-F1 and tried the latest one of the archives, it worked! Kinda...

It only worked because when eCS booted up, it had to stop archiving to allow eCS boot up with the current archive. So now I am back up, I decided that maybe the files were corrupt (the old archives), I deleted them and rebooted and again hit Alt-F1. There was one archive in there but the rest of them were gone.

Rebooted and turned on archiving, rebooted and eCS locked up like a SOB...gah.

I had to reboot and again use the last (only) archive, again it booted up and disabled archiving.

So I guess for now, no archiving and no idea why, what a waste of a morning.

02-23-11 – A – 069


Quickmotion and Quicktime VR for OS/2 - Now Open Source!

Tom Harding has open sourced Quickmotion for OS/2 under the GNU GPL license.

The project is no longer supported or updated, but now the source code is available for any developer to continue it and learn from the source code.

The source code and binary is now available at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/qmos2/

You can surf the source code at: http://qmos2.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/qmos2/

"QuickMotion is an OS/2 Multimedia component that plays QuickTime, QuickTime VR (QuickMotion 2.0 and higher) and Windows-style AVI movies. QuickMotion can do this because it contains a complete QuickTime engine, with support for all the most popular video and audio decompressors (Indeo, Cinema, Animation, IMA, etc.). Version 2.0 adds support for Virtual Reality objects and single- and multi-node panoramas."

From www.os2world.com

While it might be old, it is a step in the right direction to get updated versions of QuickMotion/Quicktime on eCS. Thank you Tom!

02-22-11 – A – 068

VirtualBox 4.04 is out. Oracle released VirtualBox 4.0.4 a few days ago, more of a maintenance release of VirtualBox 4.0 that improves stability and fixes regressions. This is not for eCS, but for Windows. We're still stuck with version 1.6.1

You can see the crap load of things done from version 4.0 onward HERE

Personally, this is one of those must have apps and it makes me sad (clown tear). If your an eCS programmer and there is no good porn on tonight, we need an updated version. Thanks!

02-21-11 – A – 067

Shame on me, I forgot to tell everyone that the discount to PMView Pro (50% off) also works for the Windows version! Make sure to put the discount code of: BlueNexus to see the discount. Get it while its hot!

02-20-11 – A – 066

PMView Pro (version 3.61) software review is up!

PMView Pro is a robust and configurable image viewing, conversion, and editing tool for bitmap graphics. It loads images fast, without compromising quality or robustness, thanks to being dynamically multi-threaded (meaning that threads will be created and destroyed as needed).

This review goes in-depth to show you why PMView Pro should be part of your “must have” eComStation software library.

Unlike my past reviews, this software is current, commercial, supported and not free, so the DEMO is the only version available at this time.

There is good news though! PMView Pro, for a limited time (2/20/11 to 4/20), is 50% off the normal price! Get all the details in the review!

Click here for the PMView 3.61 Review!

Read the review, play with the DEMO, then go support the eComStation community and buy a 1st class program.

02-18-11 – B – 065

eCo Market (http://ecomstation.ru/ecomarket) is a catalog of software for eComStation. To develop eCo Market and accumulate the database of applications we have spent several thousand euro.

eCo Software is interested sell 5% share of eCo Market. One investor can buy 1% of eCo Market for 200 EURO.

You can contact them to discuss the details -- http://ecomstation.ru/support.php

* You can read the business-plan.
* It's necessary sign the agreement (by mail).

Why become shareholder?

* You are sponsoring the development of important program
* 1% of eCo Market gives income 1$ per year.
* Your ideas have high priority, your packages have high priority.

Other offerings of eCo Software -- http://ecomstation.ru/ecosoft/?action=investor

02-18-11 – A – 064

Holly Crap! I want one for each room of my house right after I figure out how to get eCS on it and then Dosbox! I bring you the mighty Gamerator!

02-16-11 – A – 063

While I know I am due to write a review on Dosbox, I am wanting to hit most of the native eCS Games before that, because once I go there I might never leave the DOS game reviews. Anyways, if your one of the people that are having issues with setting up Dosbox for eCS (version .74), you first need to download the newest version from HERE.

Then go watch two very well done tutorial videos for setting up and using Dosbox. Both of the videos have been made to help people new at using Dosbox or people having trouble getting their Dosbox config setup for auto executing when Dosbox starts. Both of these videos can be found here:

Part one can be found here: Tutorial Part 1

Part two can be found here: Tutorial Part 2

These videos are made by DarthHelmet86 from the Abandonia website and are very nice, with the exception that it is done in Windows. I think this is something I would love to start doing once Flash is officially out for eCS and we can watch YouTube (I can't at the moment). Either way there are some great pointers that can be used for Dosbox version .74 no matter what OS you use.

02-15-11 – A – 062

One of my two awesome readers emailed me and did some great leg work on this SysInfo/2 issue! I was told:

Something screwy happened with the version numbering, but version 0.8.26 is many years later than 0.8.9. I have no idea why, but I think it might be because someone else took over development... at least that's my guess.”

Indeed! If you look at version 0.8.26's readme you will see that it jumps (!?!) from 0.8.8 (21.04.2001), to 0.8.9 (10.02.2002), to 0.8.11 (01.03.2002), then after a few more versions, to 0.8.26 (07.07.2008).

Someone was smoking some crack when doing the versions...I mean really?!?

Anyways, I have talked to Alex Smirnov and he no longer works on the software but he pointed me to Yuri Prokushev, I had two different emails for him but both were bad.

So I will be working on a review now with version 0.8.26 and hopefully I will get lucky and either the person(s) that are working on SysInfo/2 will contact me and I can ask them some questions, or someone knows a good email address to the current programmer.

Either way, thanks for the help and a SysInfo/2 review is incoming!

02-14-11 – A – 061

So I am breaking down to ask my readers if they can help me. I really want to do a review on SysInfo/2 but I'm kinda running into a road block. The newest version I can find to down load is version 0.8.8, BUT, if you look at the Netlabs site, you can see there is a 0.8.9 version:


The links don't go anywhere and I even went to Hobbes where their newest version is 0.8.25 (LOL). I have been trying to contact several people about this software but I run into roadblock after roadblock. If anyone knows (or you are) the current programmer of SysInfo/2 please have them contact me. Either way this review is in the pipe and I think its a great app for people to have.

02-12-11 – A – 060

For any budding eCS programmers, there is a topic going on at the eComstation Facebook page about Truebasic (http://truebasic.com/)

The company is no longer advertising or officially supporting it, but they still have stocks of Truebasic for OS/2. Although an older version (version 5.5), it is remarkably compatible with the current version 6 for windows since the language itself has not really changed except in minor details for 15 years or so.

It isn't on their website any more, they have dropped it, they just have stocks of version 5.5 for OS/2 available (current is 6x and basically the same language hence porting from the OS/2 version to the current Win version is easy) and they are no longer developing it for Mac or OS/2. If you are interested, they are charging $25.00 per copy and you will have to email them if you are interested.

02-11-11 – B – 059

An eCo Market 2.0 beta1 picture was posted in Yahoo! Newsgroups showing it's new look.

eCo Market was designed to make it easy for a user to download current programs easily and quickly. Very much like the Droid's Market.

I personally think it looks much better then the current version. Great job guys, I can't wait to start using it!

02-11-11 – A – 058

Do yourself a favor and take 20 minutes out of your life to read one of the best articles I have read in a long time at arstechnica.com.

Briefly, it's the story of Aaron Barr and his quest to track down a hacker group named Anonymous. The loose hacker collective had been responsible for everything from anti-Scientology protests to pro-Wikileaks attacks on MasterCard and Visa, and the FBI was now after them. But matching their online identities to real-world names and locations proved daunting. Barr found a way to crack the code. The story goes over what happens and how scary Anonymous really is, in kinda a cool type of way.

How one man tracked down Anonymous—and paid a heavy price”

02-10-11 – A – 057

Hopkins FBI for OS/2 Warp 4 review is now up!

Hostage showdowns, murders, terrorist acts: Special Agent Hopkins has to get around a nightmare of traps and twisted surprises in the course of his investigations if he wants to find Berkson and save the planet from certain doomsday. Let's lust stay that if Quentin Tarantino had ever created video game, it would have been "Hopkins FBI".

You play Hopkins in an adventure that will take you to the four corners of the world. A rich and varied universe awaits you, as you come face to face with over 50 characters, many dangerous, all one-of-a-kind. Try to keep cool as you strive to unlock challenge after challenge in face of ever-mounting suspense and action."

There is even a complete walk-though!

Read the review to see if it's worth the downloading or deleting!

02-09-11 – A – 056

Unrelated eCS news...Palm HP officially announced today their new lineup of WebOS products. I have posted here before I am excited for the HP Touchpad and if I had to get a non eCS Tablet, HP Touchpad would be the one I get. The hardware specs on it are sick:

  • 1.6 pounds and measures 13.7mm thick

  • WebOS 3.0, "true multitasking,"

  • Touch-to-share, instant-on productivity

  • 9.7-inch display (1024 x 768 screen resolution)

  • Dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon CPU (!)

  • Inbuilt gyroscope, accelerometer, compass

  • 16GB / 32GB of internal storage space. There's also a

  • Front-facing 1.3 megapixel webcam, support for video calling

  • 802.11b/g/n WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1+EDR, A-GPS (3G model only)

  • A set of stereo speakers.

Over on the accessories front, there's a case / stand (which includes a handy flip-out kickstand for desk use), a wireless keyboard (yeah, this one!) and a new Touchstone dock that enables all of the wireless communication magic between webOS devices. If you're curious about specific models, the first out of the gate will be a WiFi only version, with 3G and 4G variants to follow suit in due time. As for the all-important pricing and availability? "Coming this summer," with pricing to be determined "at a later date." Bah, humbug!

You can see more at the Palm website: http://www.palm.com

Ok...now...back to eCS news...

02-07-11 – B – 055

PMMail/2 version 3.09 has been released. VOICE purchased the rights and source code for this popular email client; VOICE membership is required as part of the registration, but the demo version can be used for one account, and some other limitations. - www.os2.com

02-07-11 – A – 054

Paul Smedley has ported CUPS version 1.4.5 (dated 11/21/2010, but posted on 2/2/2011), as well as Gutenprint 5.2.6 (11/21/2010), HP-LIP version 3.10.2 (5/3/2010), Splix version 1.1.1 (12/26/2008), Foomatic version 4.05 (9/26/2010), and foo2qpdl (6/28/2010). Also available (4/10/2009) is a CUPS port driver, which allows interfacing the standard OS/2 printing subsystem with CUPS. - www.os2.com

I have also updated my review of CUPS (Section 6) to reflect this update.

02-06-11 – A – 053

Super Bowl XLV will be the 45th annual edition of the Super Bowl in American football, and the 41st annual championship game of the modern-era National Football League (NFL). The game, that is playing today, will pit the AFC champion Pittsburgh Steelers against the NFC champion Green Bay Packers to decide the NFL champion for the 2010 season.

So no real posts today, I have friends coming over, I'll be drinking and eating way too much! Personally, I am not a big fan of sports, I never watch any when I was young, though I did play several different types. Anyways, I case you are wondering what team I will be cheering for, it's easy, whomever has the hottest cheerleaders!

Uhmm...maybe this year I'll watch Super Bowl for the commercials.

02-05-11 – D – 052

I have received some good email on what to do with my crashes, most people believe it is not either OpenOffice or Firefox. The most posted suggestion is that of turning off either /SMP command or ACPI (or both) will fix it.

Over most of the day I have turned off both of them with no crashing what so ever! I have just turned on the ACPI and so far so good. I will run it this way for the rest of the night and report what happens. If this works then I'm kinda bummed that I have to run just once CPU when I actually have 4, but then again...no crashing.

One thing that has not changed is the sluggish typing after a random amount of time. If anyone has some ideas on that I am all ears!

02-05-11 – C – 051

I'm looking for a day to has as an official day to go though the eComstation Software Version Comparison List and update it since I'm not doing it daily. So today is the day. The 5th of each month I will scan the Internet for newer version of software and compare them to eCS. If you see something not updated, wrong, or you just think another piece of software should be added. Don't be shy, email me!

You can find the eCS Software Version Comparison List in the eCS Software link above.

02-05-11 – B – 050

Back, things are working better this time, well see how long it goes for, I hope for awhile since this is the time I get most of my eCS stuff done.

So back to the crashing issues, I think my only hope is updating either OpenOffice or Firefox (both preferably).

OpenOffice 3.2 is the next step up but I need to purchase the eCS software subscription, which in itself is not a bad deal and helps out Mensys pay the bills until the next version of eCS is out. So I want to do that but at the same time I was hoping Java 1.6 would be out soon so I could hear how that works with OpenOffice 3.2 since 3.1 works with Java, 3.2 does not.

With Firefox, I am waiting for 4.0 (Final) to come out. My hope is that both of these new programs will kill my issues.

From what I am reading, next month both of them will be done. Until then I will get eCS software subscription since I don't think I need Java to work on my site.

02-05-11 – A – 049

5:30, I cannot sleep so I am in front of the computer, I'm kinda annoyed at her right now since I have been having a crap-load some issue with eCS. Actually, I know it's not with eCS it's with either OpenOffice or Firefox (My money is on OpenOffice though). Half the time when I load either of them, eCS hard freezes and I need to reboot. Once and if, it loads, there are no crashes.

The other issue now is that after a random amount of time, the keyboard becomes sluggish to my typing to the point that I have t-o-p-a-u-s-e-a-f-t-e-r-e-a-c-h-k-e-y-s-t-r-o-k-e (yep, that annoying). I can only fix it with a reboot.

Excuse me, I'll be right back, I have to reboot.

02-03-11 – A – 048

I forgot I have SimCity 2000 Special Edition for Windows. I decided to look though it and surprise, surprise, I found a ton of new cities and scenarios! I have posted these on the SimCity 2000 for OS/2 page. Simply unzip the files into the cities and scenario folders inside your SimCity 2000 folder and start up the game! If anyone comes across more (especially for SimCity for OS/2), please email me!

02-01-11 – A – 047

Not one, but two game reviews! Today we have for your viewing pleasure (and download) SimCity for OS/2 and SimCity 2000 for OS/2! Read both the reviews and get the software (full versions of course).

I'm not sure about you, but I was always big into sim games when I was younger, I spent way, way too much time playing them. It's an interesting evolution between SimCity and SimCity 2000. Enjoy!

SimCity for OS/2

SimCity 2000 for OS/2

01-30-11 – A – 046

While drinking my morning coffee I found this interesting link: http://www.michaelv.org/. The site shows us we do not need to install winos2 anymore (well we do but it is amazing what you can do with a browser). This site simulates the Windows 3.11 experience all inside Firefox!

01-29-11 – A – 045

OpenOffice 3.3.0 for OS/2 is out! I was at the OpenOffice site just about to look at some of the help files since I use OpenOffice as my HTML editor, and just for fun I clicked on the download 3.3.0 of OpenOffice, was I surprised! If you go to www.openoffice.org and click on the download link you will be shown the picture below!

I'm so excited, I never knew they were even working on 3.3 for eCS (we just got 3.2)! Now just to click on the download button!

Mother F!

01-28-11 – A – 044

So I have an interesting little help tip for all of you people out there that use the eComCenter ToolBar for most of your icon placement. I personally like a very clean desktop, three or so icons at most. For this little tip, I want to talk about keeping your Help Center Folder safe from reinstalling your eCS OS but having an easy to reach place for all your help files:

1. Make a copy of your Help Center folder (Inside the Local System Folder) somewhere safe on your computer's Hard Drive. I personally have my Hard Driver partitioned into C and D Drives. So if I need to reformat I keep my backups in Driver D, thus, the copy I have of Help Center is on my D Drive.

2. Go though all your programs, make a copy of each help file you have and copy it to the safe Help Center Folder.

3. Once you have collected everything you want, simply drag the folder to the eComCenter toolbar! Now you have a easy icon for all your help documents, and if you have to reformat/reinstall eCS, all you do after is drag and drop your backup help folder to the toolbar!

I need a lot of help =/

01-26-11 – A – 043

Not much on the news front tonight, so just went into my site and cleaned up some code. Added a new icon to my row at the top of this page: eCo Software Developer Connection, it has some good information about programing. Take a look.

01-25-11 – A – 042

Osnews.com reported today that Haiku has gotten enough donated funds to start porting Gallium3D. I never even heard of Gallium3D but after reading the site, it seems to be a cross-platform video driver API, on which an increasing number of open-source Linux drivers are based. I wonder if this could be something that could be used in eCS?

Gallium3D drivers have no OS-specific code (OS-specific code goes into the "winsys/screen" modules) so they're portable to Linux, Windows and other operating systems.

Much more can be found here: http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/gallium

With SNAP all but dead and Panorama slow in development, maybe this could be something eCS are looking for?

01-24-11 – A – 041

I'm looking around WarpIn because it's something I want to learn. There is no way in hell I can program but maybe I can figure how to package programs, that might be worth something and I can still drink beer while doing it and not screw up too much, to the community.

Anyhoo, looking though my WarpIn Database I saw something interesting. Look at the highlighted piece of software to the left...figure it out yet?

Well I KNOW I have OpenOffice 3.1 install, I use it everyday for this site. You can see in the version number at the bottom it is showing the true version,

Damn typo's. Anyone have OpenOffice 3.2 installed? I am interested to see if they fixed it. Not that it matters, I know know I have typos everywhere and I don't have the excuse that I'm working on an OS so I don't have a leg to stand on.

01-23-11 – A – 040

I was at the book store today and saw this book, I do not know what it is about, I never looked inside to read the little self advertizement all books have. Simply, I could not get past the cover...

Best title I have ever seen for a book. EVER!

01-22-11 – A – 039

A new review is up! CUPS for eComstation provides a portable printing layer this is used for UNIX-based operating systems and is developed and maintained by Apple, Inc. CUPS is the standard printing system used on the MacOS X and most Linux Distributions. It is also the main printing system for eCS that will allow us to use most of today's printers.

I have an Epson Workforce 610 printer that I bought just a few months ago and wanted to get it working. Read my review and see what happens!

01-21-11 – A – 038

Duke Nukem Forever arrives May 3. Not really eCS news but amazing as it only took them from 1997 until now. Just think, when Duke Nukem Forever was announced OS/2 (Warp 4) was still new, being only a year old!

Duke Nukem 3D runs fine by the way in DOSBox for eCS (version .74); and something tells me there might be a review on it the same day Duke Nukem Forever comes out...

01-20-11 – A – 037

Some of you might of seen my posts from 2010 about me working towards completing the VoiceType enrollment, well, tonight, with two glasses of wine, I have finally completed all 283 of the sentences needed to be fully trained up in Dictation.

Thank God I am done!

Anyways, now that the Dictation and Navigation are done I can start working on a review, this one I believe will take longer then my others but it will be fun and well worth it. I will keep everyone posted.

01-19-11 – B – 036

Ubuntu is getting QT!

Inclusion of Qt in Ubuntu 11.10 is a win for developers. In an announcement published today on his personal blog, Canonical founder Mark Shuttleworth revealed that Nokia's Qt toolkit will be included as a standard component in future versions of Ubuntu. The move will pave the way for applications built with Qt to become a part of the popular Linux distribution. - ars technnica

Why should eCS users care? Well...we are lucky enough to have the most up-to-date QT version so more people that come to the QT party the better. I hope this growth in QT apps spills over to eCS! Hopefully, one day, this could happen to eCS also, where QT is just part of the install, instead of having to do it separately.

01-19-11 – A – 035

Freeciv version 2.3.0-beta1 is out for Windows, Linux, and Apple.

No eCS =( *

It's open source and is being worked on all the time. I thought it would be good to post this in-case someone out there reading this had some free time and wanted to port a great game.

To learn more about it click here!

*eCS actually does have Freeciv, but it's only at version 1.5.1 and an X windows app, so, actually never mind, we don't have Freeciv

01-18-11 – A – 034

If I was going to get a tablet, what would I get? I would get the Palm (I can't hold my breath long enough for an eCS one)! Unless you have not seen the news anywhere on the Internet, you have heard the Palm Tablet has leaked. To me it's the next best thing to eCS for that line of work. USB 3.0, 9 inch screen, WebOS, front and back cameras! And no, I'm never going to be interested in an iPod.

You can see more here.

01-16-11 – B – 033

MAME has been ported to version 0.141. I stopped looking at MAME (ver .138) before just from lack of time and the shear confusion of it. You can get this version here. I will get back to this soon.

01-16-11 – A – 032

As a follow up to the Wikipedia 10th anniversary, there is a great article at ars technica.

What is even better is a post by one of the readers showing the perfect diagram of how Wikipedia works:

01-15-11 – C – 031

OpenTyrian review is live.

OpenTyrian is a port of the DOS shoot-em-up Tyrian from 1995. Tyrian is an arcade-style vertical scrolling shooter that gets very crazy, very fast! .

Click here to read the review. Enjoy!

01-15-11 – B – 030

Looking over my things to do with eCS showed me that I need to get my printer working! That would be a great article also so I will be working on that the same time I get it going. CUPS (version 1.4.4) is the program I need and I found it here. Downloading the newest version now...lets see it I can get my Epson Workforce 610 working!

And they have a WarpIn installer! 66.1 Megs of printing goodness.

01-15-11 – A – 029

Over the last few weeks I have been having problems with crashes to eCS. It happens around 20 minute into using the computer. I believe I have narrowed it down to Firefox 3.5.3 (The version that came with eCS). I know I can update it but I am waiting for version 4 since it's close to coming out. Until then I will do some more test to make sure that's it.

Between that and eCS losing it's internet connection, it's becoming highly annoying.

I have added this to my problems to fix with my eCS machine that you can find here.

01-14-11 – B – 028

It's a little early but I'm excited! On January 15, 2011, Wikipedia will turn 10. I use Wikipedia all the time and include their site on my reviews. Remember, if you have some time and don't have anything to do, surf Wikipedia and see if you notice a missing eCS (OS/2) piece of information, if you do, make sure you add it!

01-14-11 – A – 027

Firefox 4.0 coming out next month! The eCS port comes pretty quick after the official news is out. I don't see any difference this time.

(From the Google Firefox group)


We've worked tremendously hard on Firefox 4, and it's time to ship it. I'm seeing the same burst of excitement and activity that we've seen in the endgame of every release. Over the past several days, component leads have again reduced their blockers by identifying hard blockers and those we can live without. We've around 160 hard blockers remaining, and historically it has taken us six weeks to reach RC once we have 100 blockers left. We must press hard now.

To Finish:

1) We have to reach Release Candidate status as quickly as possible, ideally finishing the hard blockers by the beginning of February and shipping final before the end of February. We'll need your help to balance these targets against the need to build a high quality product.

2) Bug counts demand another beta. We'll drive the beta bugs to zero and ship another beta. If we can't get them to zero in reasonable time, we'll repeat, deliberately. It depends on how quickly we can drive down the list of hard blockers that need beta feedback. This is our top development priority, since it pushes the rest of our schedule.

3) We need *everyone* to help in testing. Specifically: Do not disable Flash, Silverlight, or other major plugins as we need as many people testing these as possible. Windows users: We need to know if you are affected by hardware acceleration causing crashes or other issues. Don't just assume that someone else has filed a bug already. Make sure. Ask someone if you don't know how. This is very important.

MOST IMPORTANT: We must ship the best possible product we can. If a blocker needs more time, tell release drivers and component leads immediately. If you disagree with a blocking call, say so loudly. Do not be timid. This is your product, we need you to own it.

I know you're all tired and stressed. You all do incredible work every day, and you've built an amazing product. Stay focused. Be nice to each other. Firefox 4 is gonna kick ass, and you should be fiercely proud of it.

All my best,


01-13-11 – A – 026

How fair use brought us VCRs, copiers—and nude Barbie enchiladas

-Article from ars technica

Awesome article, I laughed a bit.

01-12-11 – A – 025

I have finished up my next review (it will posted on the 15th) and in the process I decided to add two new items to the reviews:

  1. A link to Wikipedia for each review – This allow eCS users to learn more about the program that was reviewed and to also look over the Wikipedia to make sure it has the correct eCS information. If it does not have a Wikipedia maybe someone will make one.

  2. There is now a new section on each review call (6) Updates after the review: This will allow me to update some reviews with new information and data without changing the review it's self. An example is if I try a reviewed game with a new video driver. I can post in section 6 without changing anything else.

    For an example please go back to the Links for OS/2 review and scroll to the bottom of the page.

01-11-11 – A – 024

eCo Market: Week of (game) emulators

eCo Market (http://ecomstation.ru/ecomarket ) is an initiative of eCo Software: "The users need tools,
they want to see the list of available applications not tales about powerful operating systems. That's why we are working on the GUI catalogue  aimed to deliver software to users fast."

Total quantity of packages: 100
Let's collect emulators and virtual machines in the catalogue.
Currently we have 2 programs only: Commodore64 emulator and VirtualBox 1.6.1 (packed to warpin).

Message for developers: if you updat warpin-package of your program then follow
the recommendation: Version - it's a datestamp: YYYY\MM\DD, Example: PACKAGEID="eCo Software\Runtime\Base\2008\03\02"
(so we can automate control of application packages).

How to support the project? http://ecomstation.ru/projects/ecomarket/?action=sponsor

P.S. Yes, we are working on new GUI.

- OS2world.com

I am personally excited about this, updated emulators (even if just better installation files) and an easy way to get them! Awesome!

01-10-11 – B – 023

For the interesting site of the day...since I can't do much more than that, check this site out:

gnuplot demo plots

I really have no idea what this software does but it looks cool and it has a eCS version! If anyone knows (and where to get the software), email me and I will post your answer here! And yes...I know...I need to get a comments section.

01-10-11 – A – 022

Georgia weather is freaking butt cold! I'm out here doing work for the next two days and will back on Wednesday, then I will update some eCS stuff. After work today though, instead of going right back to the hotel, I decided to go see Tron:Legacy in 3D. Not a bad movie! I rate movies on if they were worth watching in the movie theater (where it costs more), at home (cost less), or not at all (saves an hour or two of my life I can't get back). I would put this in the “I'm glad I watched it in the theater...but just. Probably because I was a big fan of the first Tron movie.

01-09-11 – A – 021

I have posted a new review for Generic Win16 Audio Drivers for winos2!

It was one of the “issues” I was having with my eCS computer but it pretty much taken care of. What is a Generic Win16 Audio Driver for winos2?

The Generic WinOS/2 device driver is intended for use to provide wave in/wave out and MIDI out audio facilities to WinOS/2 in situations where an OS/2 audio driver is present, but a vendor - supplied WinOS/2 driver is unavailable. This driver operates independently of the hardware and should work with most audio cards for which an OS/2 MMPM/2 driver is available.”

I hope it helps anyone out there that has been having issues with sound in winos2!

01-08-11 – A – 020

If you have not had a chance to look at my game review of Links for OS/2 then click here! After you have, download the game and then the additional golf courses. Today I have added 8 more courses that work with Links for OS/2:

  • Banff Springs

  • Bighorn Golf Club

  • Castle Pines Golf Club

  • Devils Island

  • Innisbrook - Copperhead

  • Mauna Kea

  • The Belfry

  • Pebble Beach Golf Links

01-07-11 – B – 019

AMD Releases Radeon HD 6000 Series Open Source Support!

"On the same day that we learn VIA's Linux support is basically dead and after a troubling week for Intel with regards to open-source graphics support for their new Sandy Bridge CPUs, Advanced Micro Devices has come forward and released open-source graphics driver support for their AMD Radeon HD 6000 series of graphics cards."

- OSNews.com – Click here for the link!

Makes me dream of a day where all Video (and sound) cards are all open.

01-07-11 – A – 018

Only had a little time to sit in front of the computer today so decided to add my WinXP machine to the “My Computer” link. I hardly use it anymore and am seriously thinking once Flash 10 comes to eCS, moth balling it.

01-06-11 – A – 017

Sometimes it's just not worth asking questions.

So this is becoming pretty confusing because I now know that there are two MAME programs called MAME and SDLMAME. So lets get some information on what that means to people out there that don't know what MAME or SDL, or SDLMAME is, because I sure had no idea what SDL stood for:

MAME: MAME stands for "Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator". It provides a virtual environment where you can run software written for other platforms, namely old arcades.

SDL: Simple DirectMedia Layer (SDL) is a software library which provides low level access to multimedia resources. Running on a variety of different platforms, it eases software porting and has therefore become very popular in games, emulators and multimedia applications.

Simple DirectMedia Layer is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer. It is used by MPEG playback software, emulators, and many popular games, including the award winning Linux port of "Civilization: Call To Power."

SDL supports Linux, Windows, Windows CE, BeOS, MacOS, Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, BSD/OS, Solaris, IRIX, and QNX. The code contains support for AmigaOS, Dreamcast, Atari, AIX, OSF/Tru64, RISC OS, SymbianOS, and OS/2 (eCS), but these are not officially supported.

SDLMAME: SDLMAME has once been a port of the popular MAME™ emulator to the SDL library. It ran on many different platforms, including both 32- and 64-bit Linux. Since MAME 0.137 the SDL backend is part of the main source tree and no longer a port i.e. the project has been merged in the main development branch.

Ok...get it?

The SDLMAME site seems dead and many of the links are broken. Go figure. Does this mean we I should be hunting down MAME software or SDLMAME? I'm not 100% Sure.

The version number really confuse me because I am being told that the newest version of SDLMAME is .138 but on Hobbes you will find .144u1 version for OS/2 is dated 2007-04-19. Why is the versions going down?

Anyways, it seems .138 is my best choice so I have downloaded the software. I have put it on my site and so you can download it here!

This does not look easy, I hope I'm wrong. I will see what I can do soon and update everyone. I am also going to contact the programmer: KO Myung-Hun. See if he can give me some in-site I can share with you all.

01-05-11 – B - 0-16

Posted to os2world forms as a follow up after I did more research:

Small follow up...

I was looking over some sites to see if I could find out more on MAME and I found this on the OS/2 Gaming site: SDLMAME - Version 0.115 - Date 2007/05/12 - A MAME emulator that uses the SDL graphic library.

Here is the link to the OS/2 Gaming site with an additional link to the homepage to SDLMAME.

The link to down load the MAME software is dead...but I did some additional looking and found it at Hobbes here. You can see there is a newer version there: SDLMAME v0.144u1 for OS/2

Has anyone used SDLMAME? It looks like this is dead also but I am not sure...the SDLMAME version is higher than the MAME version...so are they the same...different...they have a beta no one else knows about? I doubt it since the MAME version is .141 and dated 12-31-10 while the .144u1 version for OS/2 is dated 2007-04-19


I am going to keep digging.

01-05-11 – A - 015

I was looking at some old software on my computer and noticed MAME (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator). That's a program I have not seen in awhile. And why not? It is a nice addition to the eCS community game wise as it was made to reproduce games as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer. MAME can currently emulate several thousand different classic arcade video games from the late 1970s to today.

I posted my question about whatever happened to it on the os2world forms, you can see it HERE.

Maybe you know the answer?!?

01-04-11 – B - 014

Added PHP to the software version comparison list on the eCS Software link of this site.

01-04-11 – A - 013

I have to be on the road every so often for my job and for the next two days I'm away from my eCS desktop. My company supplies me a lap top but it is Windows XP. What to do? Well, I was about to say I would just update the site latter when I get back but what happens when I have to leave for a week? I know I will not update the site everyday but honestly I like to update it more often then that!

I wanted a solution that I could use, but would work hand in hand with eCS software I use to make this site. So here was my idea and it works great and it is the exact same software for both eCS and WinXP!

First you need a USB key. I have a few but for this I am using a 1gig version. It is formatted with FAT32 and normally I just keep it in my eCS machine for use when I need to try to get a program to install but the file will not work unless it's off a JFS drive. I actually thought it was a 2gig drive, hummm...time to go out and spend a whopping 5 dollars on a 2gig version.

I then took the USB Key and moved it over to my WinXP machine and opened up IE (they make me use it). From there I went to http://portableapps.com, and downloaded Firefox and OpenOffice 3.2. The install was quick and easy with me just downloading the file to the laptop, then installing both programs to the USB Key. Both programs took up 292megs on my 1gig drive, not bad.

Once I had this all setup I was able to start both programs on my work computer without using anything on their computer. The last thing I needed to do was to download my FTP program: FireFTP. For me, I find it an easy program and because it's right in the browser so it's simple, fast, and cross platform.

So now I am using the exact same programs I use on eCS to do my web page updates! One of the things I look in any programs is cross platform compatibility just for this reason. Native eCS software is always the best so this is a win-win situation.

01-03-11 – D - 012

If anyone wants to share links please email me. If you can, send me an icon in .png format so I can place it with my other links at the top of this page.

I would like to get the word around so it's easier for current and new eCS users to find our sites. Thanks!

01-03-11 – C - 011

Something I forgot to mention about working on the winos2 generic drivers. Before I installed them, both the “window” and “full screen” versions of winos2 worked. After the install, the full screen would boot up and work, but once I tried to shut it down or go back to eCS, the computer would crash.

I'm bringing this up so one: people know what could happen if they install the generic drivers, and two: know that I found a fix (for me anyways).

While on the eCS yahoo groups I had a comment about my issue from Dave McKenna that pointed me to a file to down load: hrtx-v1_.zip

This Extended Hi-Res Timer was connected to the driver on the CD, and originally was associated with an updated TIMER0.SYS called HRTX by the same author.

It did not work for me to stop that slight “echoing” of sound but it did fix that larger problem of allowing eCS not to crash after I closed a full screen winos2 session.

01-03-11 – B - 010

Added link icons and “Articles/Posts this year number count to the homepage. I think that will be it. I hate websites that are to busy.

01-03-11 – A - 009

Are you on facebook? If so, are you part of the eComstation group? If not, click here are connect with other eCS people! It's another place besides the newsgroups, forums, and IRC to talk to people about eCS topics. There is also an OS/2 group.

01-02-11 – D - 008

I just thought of something, I need to add a line to my game reviews on what sound driver I am using. That can be important. In my Links review I mentioned that I had to turn off the sound since it was so messed up. I need to revisit the sound issue and see if that is fixed. Check my Links for OS/2 review to see if anything changed.

01-02-11 – C - 007

Before I get all worked up trying to fix the sound in winos2 I decided to download and install the newest Uniaud drivers (I'm using the driver from eCS 2.0). If you go to the Uniaud site you will see two versions:

Uniaud16 version 1.9.5 and Uniaud32 version 1.9.24 (based on ALSA 1.0.21)
Uniaud16 version 1.9.5 and Uniaud32 version 2.1.1 (based on ALSA 1.0.23)

I chose the latter. I uninstalled all my sound via Multimedia Application Install icon, rebooted, installed version 2.1.1, rebooted. Sound came up so I was hopeful. I had to put in the three lines again in the config.sys for winos2 to work. Rebooted.

This time I ran winos2 the skip was there but it only did it once instead of a full half a second. Not sure how that works but I'll take anything I can get.

01-02-11 – B - 006

Interesting website that has OS/2 info: GUIdebook

It is a website dedicated to preserving and showcasing Graphical User Interfaces, as well as various materials related to them.

Each tab breaks out icons by OS (and there are a lot of them listed). Several versions of OS/2 are here. There are a ton of pictures and curious OS oddities that will take you back to the past. These looks like there is a little info on eComstation but no pictures or much data.

It looks like the site has been abandoned (last update in 2006) but it is an interesting site nonetheless.

01-02-11 – A - 005

I love my kids...

Yes...that's a 5.25 floppy, yes it works, no it does not read CDs.

01-01-11 – D - 004

After 30 minutes I finally got the sound to work in winos2. It's nice to hear the welcome sound, it's been years. I do have an one issue with the sound that does not allow me to “close” this task. For some reason, any sound that happens in winos2 will sound find but the last part of any sound will repeat for half a second, pretty annoying.

I am going to post at yahoo newsgroup to see if anyone can help but I also emailed the author of the program, a Dr J A Gow.

01-01-11 – C - 003

I think I will try getting sound working in Windows 3.1 today...lets see how this works out. I know the CD 2 of eCS 2.0 has drives for it. I just hope it's not too much of a pain in the butt. I will post what happens.

01-01-11 – B - 002

Talk about good timing! OSNews has posted an article called “Show us your desktop 2010” As per my comment in “What can you do?” of this site. Take a minute and post your desktop (I did) and show off and promote eCS to some hardcore OS users. We probably won't get anyone joining us but it makes people aware we are here and that's the first step!

01-01-11 – A - 001

Welcome! If your reading this then most likely you saw my post at www.os2world.com or the newsgroups! Thank you for visiting and I hope you bookmark this site and visit daily. What is this place? why is it important? Why should I give a hoot?

This website is dedicated to people that use eCS but are not superusers (though your welcome here to help me!). I have been using OS/2 since 2.1 and eCS from the start. It is by far my favorite OS and I want people to know why and become interested in it.

Is eCS 2.0 perfect? Oh God no! BUT...it's a great OS with a ton of programs out there, main stream, native, and ported. I have always enjoyed my time with eCS compared to Windows, and as I tell people that ask, I just feel more at home in eCS and it does everything I want (almost).

It's been awhile since I have done a website and I wanted to get my feet back in. I also wanted to show people that you can contribute with little time. I have a family and a full time job. So time is important to me. But eCS deserves some time also since I use it and our community is small. I wanted to give back and this is my way to do it.

I have actually been working on this site for a few months making sure I can handle adding news and posting it. If you look at my “Past News” at the top of this page and then 2010, you will see many, many posts. I am hoping soon to be able to allow people to post comments to each.

I am also an avid fan of DOS games. One of the ways I want to have people see what we do is soon(ish) to have many, many DOS games here that have been filed and tested on eCS. I hope this will also get the attention of other OS users that like DOS games also, if not to convert them, then to let them know eCS is out here and what it is about.

I have many ideas for this site but I am relearning HTML again so it will take some time. Until then, if you have any questions/comments/suggestions, I am always open to suggestions. Please email me at the link below.

Thank you everyone that has given to the eCS community, it's my turn!

Craig Miller